How To Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy & Level Cap

Hogwarts Legacy is a wise mix between RPG and open world action adventure game. A formula that we have seen many times with AAA games, but never applied in this way to the world of Harry Potter. In Hogwarts Legacy, leveling up is essential to be able to advance in the main story. In fact, the maximum level to which we can raise our character (for now) is almost the same as the final mission of the main story.

What is the Maximum Level of Hogwarts Legacy

The maximum level of Hogwarts Legacy, the “level cap”, is level 40. You cannot level up any more, at least in the current version of the game (we’ll see if they make DLC later).

Knowing what level you have is a good way to know how are you doing in the story since the final mission of the game can only be played if you are level 37. After that, going up three more levels will not be very difficult for you, if you want to get one of the essential achievements / trophies for platinum.

How To Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy & Level Cap
How To Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy & Level Cap

Hogwarts Legacy Level Cap

  • Hogwarts Legacy Level Cap is 40.

How to Level Up Fast in Hogwarts Legacy

As in all RPGs, you’ll level up by completing main quests, side quests, or simply beating enemies.

However, there are some ways to earn EXP in Hogwarts Legacy that are worth highlighting, the challenges.

One of them is to complete the Field Guides, some “textbooks” which is the excuse that Avalanche Software has invented so that we (students starting at Hogwarts in fifth year) can quickly catch up on magic knowledge.

There are other kinds of challenges, like Exploration (go getting all the collectibles) and Combat.

Likewise, the battle arena (There are two in the game, and a third one exclusive to the deluxe version, where you can try the Unforgivable Curses without fear) will also allow you to quickly earn EXP.

The room of requirement It’s not part of the main action, but it’s a subgame worth spending a few hours on, if only to complete the corresponding challenges within the Room of Requirement section.

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