How to Remove Bounty in Starfield?

Hello, in this Starfield guide of ours, we’ve explained how to remove the bounty placed on your head. By following a few simple steps, you can escape this troublesome bounty hunt. It can be quite challenging to do certain things when you have a bounty on your head.

How to Clear Bounty in Starfield?

In Starfield, navigating the vast universe often leads to unexpected challenges, including accruing bounties and acquiring the undesirable “Wanted” trait. However, fear not, fellow spacefarer, for this guide will walk you through the process of clearing your bounty and ridding yourself of that unwanted label.

Self-Service Bounty Clearance Machine in Starfield game

Clearing Your Bounty

To clear your bounty in Starfield, seek out the elusive “Self-Service Bounty Clearance” terminals scattered throughout major cities. These terminals allow you to wipe away your character’s bounty, albeit at a cost. You can typically find at least one of these terminals in each major city, often located in the city’s primary bar area.

Here’s a list of known bounty-clearing terminals in various major cities:

1. Neon, Villi Alpha:

  • Location: Madame Sauvage building, near the tables area next to a bounty machine.

2. Astral Lounge, Neon City:

  • Location: Astral Lounge near the Trade Towers in Neon City.

3. Cydonia, Mars:

  • Location: The Broken Spear bar, situated down the pathway into Cydonia.

4. New Atlantis, Alpha Centauri:

  • Location: The Viewport, within the spaceport area of New Atlantis, next to the mission terminal.

5. Akila City, Cheyenna:

  • Location: The Hitching Post, a wooden outdoor pub located on the right near the Galbank as you enter the city from the Spaceport.

Important Note: Removing your bounty requires visiting a star system where you don’t have a bounty. For instance, if the bounty was placed on you by the UC (United Colonies), you’ll need to head to Neon or Akila City for removal, as New Atlantis and Cydonia are UC-held territories. Beware that entering a star system where you have a bounty may result in confrontations with spaceport guards.

Starfield Removing the Wanted Trait

If you’ve acquired the “Wanted” Trait in Starfield, removing it is a slightly different process.

1. Talk to the Lady at Cydonia Spaceport:

  • Journey partway down the stairs from the Cydonia spaceport to the marketplace area. You’ll encounter a lady who can assist in removing your “Wanted” trait.

2. Visit the Tracker’s Alliance Agent in Cydonia:

  • Head to Cydonia from the spaceport and walk down the stairs. On the left side of your descent, you’ll find a lady named Tracker’s Alliance Agent. Speak to her, and she can help you if a dangerous bounty is afflicting you. This service comes at a fee.

With this knowledge in your cosmic arsenal, you’re now equipped to clear bounties and shed the “Wanted” trait in Starfield. Safe travels, and may the stars shine favorably upon your journey!

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