How to Use Charcoal in Enshrouded

A guide explaining how to obtain coal and how to use it. ​

It is an important ingredient in many of the resources you will produce to survive in Enshrouded. In this guide, we explained how to get charcoal and how to use it.

Charcoal Guide

Charcoal plays a vital role in many survival games, and Enshrouded is no different. It’s essential for crafting various items crucial to your survival. Luckily, you can produce it early in the game. Read on to discover how to acquire and use Charcoal effectively in Enshrouded.

How to get Charcoal

Charcoal isn’t found lying around; you have to craft it yourself, starting with the Charcoal Kiln. To unlock its blueprint, you must first unlock the Blacksmith. Among the five craftspeople in the game, the Blacksmith offers sturdy armor and a range of materials. You can unlock him during the “Find The Sleeping Survivor” quest. Once unlocked, you can summon him to your home base with the Summoning Staff.

Interact with the Blacksmith to access the crafting menu. Then, select ‘Charcoal Kiln’ from the list. Crafting the Charcoal Kiln requires 20 stones, abundant in the game world. Explore your surroundings or break large rocks with a pickaxe to gather stones. Once crafted, the kiln will be added to your inventory, ready to be placed in the world.

Once placed, interact with the kiln, choose the Charcoal recipe, and click ‘craft’ to produce Charcoal. The crafting recipe for Charcoal requires:

  • 17 Wood
  • 3 Dirt

To obtain wood, chop down trees with an axe, while dirt can be dug up using a pickaxe. Gathering these materials should take no more than two minutes.

Using Charcoal

Charcoal is a vital early-game material for crafting various items in Enshrouded. Here are some recipes that require Charcoal:

Bronze Bars

  • 7 Copper Bars
  • 3 Tin Bars
  • 10 Charcoal

Coal Powder

  • 5 Charcoal

Copper Bar

  • 20 Charcoal
  • 20 Copper


  • 30 Sand
  • 5 Charcoal

Iron Bar

  • 10 Iron Ore
  • 25 Charcoal

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