Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Welcome to our Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude guide. This is a complete guide that not only tells you how to get all the secrets, but also how to get the Summa Laude achievement.

Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

This is a complete guide that not only tells you how to get all the secrets, but also how to get the Summa Laude achievement.

Day 1

Locations -Bakery in afternoon, mall in evening
Stats – suave 2x

Day 2

Locations – Town to meet mio in morning , beach in afternoon for +1 to all stats , arcade in evening
Stats – suave 2x

Day 3

Say no to bon bon on this day as you’ll need the time for mio also make sure to agree to meet cassie but then don’t show up
Locations – Go to iro for first date , Go to park in afternoon and throw $10 in for +1 to all stats , go to cafe in the evening and help lotus with nimh for +1 to all stats(middle, middle, bottom, middle)
First iro date -Ask something crass and do the buff option to get up to 2 buff , Ask a sensitive question and then ask about family for secret 1 (you will have to cut it short tho)
Stats – suave + tech

Day 4 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – Head to beach in morning (nothing happens) , Head to elle date 1 (ignore cass), head to mio in the afternoon
First elle date – after elle talks about her narcolepsy talk about dorians “protect elle” thing for secret 1 VERY IMPORTANT DO ALL SUAVE OPTIONS THIS WILL BE NEEDED FOR HER FINAL SECRET (this was horrid took me so long to learn)
First mio date – do all tech options then ask a sensitive question and pick the tech option about her ping this will give her 1st secret
Stats- buff and lawyer

Day 5

Locations – go to arcade and unplug the guys game in the morning , go to cass date 1 in afternoon , get more coffee to feed addiction , head to beach in the evening
First cass date – after seeing eli talk about “the shoplifting thing” that will net you the first secret als pick obvious yellow choices
Stats – luck 2x

Day 6

Locations – Head to cafe as its only thing available for +1 to all in morning , grab coffee in afternoon , then head to the hospital , head home cus this day is linier bleh
First quill date – just be nice do bet options she gives first secret
Stats – luck

Day 7

Locations – grab morning coffee , go to beach and have a stroll in the morning , head to the pizzeria in the afternoon , go to downtown and do whev doesn’t matter 3 some funny
Stats – motivation 2x

Day 8 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – grab morning coffee , head to the mountain yell cheak and then do buff options for the morning , head to coffee shop for more lotus love life Here just tell her to flirt back then say a double entendre then tell her to kiss cali +2 to all stats , head to arcade hold you liquor
Stats – suave and motivation

Day 9

Locations – go see iro for date 2 , afternoon coffee is nice , then head to beach for mio date 2 , finally head to cass date 2
2nd iro date – just pick the obvious options as buff one leads to secret 2 also do buff option after elle cus we get lots of motivation thx to lotus
2nd mio date – smooch her many times and now lose prod-a-mon say your hungry then ask if she isn’t having fun gaming then say so your a streamer this will give secret 2
2nd cass date – go with her goofy gaffs then listen to her covo with lil for secret 2 and get A+ like a god
Stats – lucky and motivation

Day 10

Locations – grab morning coffee , then head to the park and be cute with the cute one , go to town walk away with the ticket like a boss , head home for quill date 2
2nd quill date – ask quill what is the most dangerous thing she knows for secret 2 AND BE NICE protect her from fumi “DID I STUDDER”
Stats – luck and suave

Day 11

Locations – grab the coffee what else ??? , head to the mall and say ello-O (eh eh) and take the change , head to the cafe for elle date 2 , head to beach for +1 to all epic ,
2nd elle date – play nice with dori and take his money , tell elle about strange dream to learn the end of the ritual (this is a surprise tool that will help us later) , play nice let her win and she will just tell you that dori is a , smoochies for elle
Stats – Luck and motivation

Day 12 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – head to the hospital then pull an isaac and eat random pills , go home help quill and do luck option , head into town flirt relentlessly with cass till she gives smooches
Stats – tech and lucky

Day 13

Location – grab that tasty liquid from lotus , head to pizza and eat the magical slice for 3 buff , head to park and flirt with pigeons (yeah seriously) , go to arcade close your eyes and pray
Stats – tech and lucky

Day 14

Grab morning brown , head to beach and take a swim , then the park to seduce ruri and help mio win , head to the hospital to steal dead guys money
Stats – luck and motivation

Day 15

Locations – head to the cafe for another instalment of lotus’ love life and pick these ones (Cookie , go for it , laugh AT his dumbass) , head back after for that sweet nectar , then the beach to fix mio’s device and go , go to arcade and save mio
Stats – Deja vu? Luck and motivation

Day 16 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Turn down iro she will reschedule for tomorrow
Locations – MORNING BROWN , head into town and batter with dimiti so he will whisper sweet nothings , then head to mio date 3 , go to the hospital call elle sleeping beauty and move on
3rd Mio date – be nice do obvs options (choes best princess aka peach and make sex joke at her (middle option)) , take interest in the anime , say lets bounce , she will spill the beans on secret 3
Stats – luck and motivation again woah ikr

Day 17

Locations – go to the beach and be nice to iro, GET COFFFFFFEEEE , go back to beach and see iro again but for date 3 , head to the police station and and join forces with officer step on me eh i mean fumi then use the handcuffs 😉
3rd iro date – do buff move , smooch the girls (even cass (only once)) just be nice , sing along and then “romance” her brains out
Stats – get lucky again and tech

Day 18

Locations – COFFFEEEE , then go hang with the cat girl herself , head downtown and look at officer step on me aha i mean fumi , go home and see quil for date 3
3rd quill date – be nice have great time for the quill fanclub and move on as she will tell you secret 3
Stats – get buff and work fo 5k

Day 19

Location – head to the park and clean the bench smh , head home get the coin from quill and have mad luck , go see cass for a great 3rd date ,
3rd cass date – GET WATER THAT WILL LIED TO ME , say no we arent doing that and say shes embarrassing you , be nice and reassure her
Stats – buff and tech

Day 20 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – head to the beach and respect the homie , ahem COFF chokes eh coffee , go to the mall and donate to charity for all the stats +3 , go to the wine place and see elle for date 3
3rd elle date – you kinda got to tank it i did the gossip then orgy options when causing mischief after getting the secret then go all out , ask if shes making an offer than say that things aren’t good with dori are they this will net you secret 3 ,
Stats – motivation and tech

Day 21

Locations – cafe to motivate some ppl , back to the cafe for C-C-CC-C- ahh yeah yk , now the bakery for officer step on me fumi im sorry uh yeah her donuts , then head back to the bakery again and scratch the ticket
Stats – tech and 5k

Day 22 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – go to quill open the box cus the key is inside and pocket 10k cus quill <3 , go see elle for date numero 4 , time for iro 4 help
4th elle date – right this ones dodgy so just before segs shes falls asleep investigate the rooms and look at the papers for secret 4
4th iro date – after dealing with chief face go break up with iro and blame her dad and learn that everything is his fault!
Stats – tech and money just in case 😉

Day 23

Locations – go to the park and beat the trap mwhehehe , go to coffee shop to conduct the final exam in lotus’ love life here are the right choices (on the house , name /num , write her number) , time for cass 4 , head home for mio stream meme on the stalker and then tattle on him and then be a good little virgen
4th cass date – get some free buff , dance with the beautiful lady , listen to the sadge story and learn secret 4, get through the test and impress face ,
Stats – recover from the blow to your wallet by working

Day 24

Locations – LETS GO TO THE MALL – LETS GO TO THE MA-A-A-LL and be nice to peanut shes only a cameo , go back to the mall TODAYYYY and be nice to cass , go to the love hotel and “investigate fumi” stats – tech and money

Day 25 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – go to beach and swim (side note : if you do downtown you can blow a kiss to iro and shes happy funny oversight) , CMON ROBIN SPARKLES “LETS GO TO THE MALL TODAY” , Mio time
4th mio date – I GOT STABBED uh i mean wait 1 sec so be nice and he will off lets hope that goes well , just say that you didnt know they were a thing and say do what you gotta do , be good to cass cus shes amazing , assure her your there for her and she will tell you about the who stabbed you aka secret 4
Stats – tech and lucky

Day 26

Locations – town (what i don’t have a joke for that) be nice to elle 2 and get some points , now to richy rich and his dumbassery go in there give him the L and walk out , go home to quill for date 4
4th quill date – remove her ears and receive after care to hear the scary story and the 4th secret
Stats – tech and money

Day 27 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – go see mio for final date
5th mio date – just say the gold things and a winner is you , right this is important log in to mio’s pc make the meet happen early then call fumi for backup tell him to freeze and good things will happen flirt with fumi and have a smile then go have a time with mio (i also said got it to the boss idk what that does but i did it)
Stats – do a job

Day 28

Locations – time for hell iro date 5
5th iro date – be nice to the dad and listen to the full story and get the final slippery secret , be nice to iro commit ace attorney and well pray for a miracle wink wink , carry her to safety like a chad

Day 29

Locations – go see the adorable elle for her final date
5th elle date – NOT THE TREE NOO crys a little im good , be a man and see elle no matter the weather too have a bath , OH NO DORI HIDE I MADE MANY INCEST JOKES BUT NAHHH THIS IS NAH , Inspire her to overcome dori NAHH THIS IS TOO MUCH INCEST , goodby dorian , SAY THE WORDS AND SET HER FREEEEEEE (this was a huge pain)

Day 30 – Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them How to get Summa Laude

Locations – Go to cass for date 5 YEAHH CASSS
5th cass date – Just be nice chose yellow options ask her about the debt , say ive got a secret and that you need to meet with the boss
Stats – at this point idk if it matters do wth

Final Day

Locations – go home to see quill for the start of the end
5th quill date – ask quill if her friends were looking to save girls getting you the final secret of the game

Finally go defeat dorian play nice try and save him and claim your rewards.

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