Idle Heroes – Tier List, Heroes, Reroll & Tips

Idle Heroes Tier List, Heroes, Reroll & Tips

Idle Heroes Guide Reroll

Rerolling is a time waste in Idle Heroes, you may recruit Heroes with crystals (heroic summon), farming shards, or shopping for them from the marketplace area, and we are able to display you the way to do it. So overlook approximately rerolling.

Idle Heroes Guide Tier List

These are the best characters or heroes in the game, the highest tier, the Tier S:

  • Angelina – Rol: Reactive / Key stats: HP, Attack, Holy, and also Immune
  • Xia – Rol: Reactive / Key stats: Block, HP, Crit, and also Attack
  • Aspen – Rol: Burst / Key stats: Crit, Attack, HP and also Immune
  • Amuvor – Rol: Burst / Key stats: Crit, and also Attack
  • Valkyrie – Rol: Burst / Key stats: HP
  • Belrain – Rol: Support / Key stats: Attack, Speed, HP, and also Energy
  • Valkyrie – Rol: Utility / Key stats: HP
  • Mihm – Rol: Utility / Key stats: Attack, HP and also Speed

Idle Heroes Guide Free Resources

  • Of path watch the video commercials to get unfastened gemstones or crystals.
  • Disassemble the vain heroes to get unfastened spirits and stone.
  • Redeem the present codes or Cd keys and declare the rewards.

How to Get Heroes?

You can get heroes through

  • Collecting shards
  • Summon
  • Buy them from the marketplace area
  • Battle event
  • Event Dungeon
  • Auto Battle
  • Summon Circle
  • Prophet Tree
  • Casino
  • Tavern Quest
  • Friend Search

Summon Heroes

About summon, absorb mind:

  • Basic summon: Up to two supermegacelebrity heroes and calls for fundamental summon scrolls (you may get fundamental summon scrolls in battle)
  • Friendship summon: Normal high-satisfactory heroes
  • Heroic Summon: from three to five stars heroes, there are unfastened heroic summons (you simply should wait), or you may purchase heroic summons with crystals

Heroes Placement

Place the tank (excessive HP and protection hero) first to get hold of harm, as a shield, then area the harm sellers and the helps on the way to harm or increase their allies with out receiving harm

Team Planning

Watch this guide, via way of means of Zeals Ambitions, to study constructing a hero and additionally approximately group planning.

Idle Heroes Guide Gears or Equipment

Equip the fine gears to the heroes to enhance their stats, in case you need to realize in which or the way to get higher gadget:

  • Forge low high-satisfactory gears, guns or gadget to make higher high-satisfactory gears, guns or gadget
  • Farm gadget in Battles, Hero Trials Arena and additionally Tower of Oblivion

Idle Heroes Guide Increase the Power of your Heroes

Level Up Heroes

Level Up all of the heroes of your group via way of means of making an investment spirits and coins, farm each gadgets from battles

Equip The Fine Gears

See the Gears or Equipment segment above

Evolve Heroes Tiers

To evolve a Hero you want to attain a positive hero level (30, 40, 50…) , however it’s really well worth it due to the fact you may now no longer best enhance the hero stats, you may additionally release new and formerly locked skills

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