Idola Phantasy Star Saga – Reroll Guide

Idola Phantasy Star Saga Reroll Guide

In this rapid Idola Phantasy Star Saga Reroll manual, we give an explanation for a step by step system of the way to reroll and offer the first-rate gadgets to reroll for beginners.

Reroll Step-by-Step Process

  1. Install the sport
  2. Launch the sport and you may right away do x10 summons
  3. Finish the academic missions
  4. After the academic, navigate on your in-sport mailbox and redeem rewards from there
  5. Go to gacha menu and choose one of the banners to summon from
  6. After summons, if sad with effects do the following:
  7. iOS – delete and reinstall the sport. You also can use different social media account to log in.
  8. Android – Go to cell settings and choose Idola Phantasy Star Saga, clean cache, and data.
  9. Repeat the entirety once more from step 1.
  10. If satisfied with the effects, make certain to bind your account.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga Reroll Guide

What is the first-rate unit you have to reroll for? We advise a good way to reroll for Support gadgets due to the fact in JP server, the harm sellers and software heroes have become outdated, after the preliminary launch. You also can test out our Global Tier List for in addition consultation.
If you’re trying to begin the sport as sturdy as possible, so right here is our pinnacle advice on the way to reroll in Idola Phantasy Star Saga:

  • Easy: Obtain 1 Recommended Support
  • Medium: Obtain 1 Recommended Support and Damage Dealer
  • Hard: Obtain 2 Recommended Support (each Law and Chaos)
  • PLEASE NOTE: This reroll manual become written primarily based totally at the beta take a look at model of the sport. We will right away replace this reroll manual as soon as the sport is live.

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