Increasing Ship Storage in Starfield

Don’t know how to increase your ship storage in Starfield? Storage capacity is one of the most crucial factors in the game. With ship storage space, you can accumulate resources in your ship and cargo hold. But what if you don’t have enough storage? That’s where our Starfield Storage Guide comes in. We’ve explained how to increase your ship storage and make ship upgrades.

How to Increase Ship Storage in Starfield?

The dialog you need to choose to increase your ship's storage space in Starfield.

In Starfield, you can increase your ship’s storage capacity through several methods:

1. Unlock the Payloads Skill: One long-term solution is to unlock the Payloads skill in the Tech section. You can access this skill after spending five skill points in the Tech tree. Payloads gradually increase your ship storage by 10 percent for every ship you own at the first level, and it can go up to a significant 50 percent by level four.

2. Purchase a New Ship: The fastest way to increase your ship’s storage is to buy a new ship. You can find ship vendors at major spaceports like Neon, New Atlantis, and the Crimson Fleet’s Key. When browsing ships, pay attention to the cargo hold size. More expensive models often have double or even more storage space compared to the Frontier, but they come at a higher cost.

3. Buy New Cargo Modules: Consider purchasing better cargo modules to increase your ship’s storage, whether you stick with the Frontier or upgrade to a larger ship. To do this, talk to a ship vendor and open the ship builder menu. Use the appropriate key or button to access the modules menu. In the “Cargo” section, browse the available cargo modules. Some advanced cargo modules, including shielded ones, might require unlocking the Ship Engineering skill, available after spending eight skill points in the tech tree.

4. Attach Cargo Modules: To attach new cargo modules, you need a free node on your ship’s existing parts. The Storage Room from the Habs section often offers multiple attachment nodes. Replace your old cargo module by removing it and placing the storage room in its place. Then, attach your new cargo modules to the available nodes without needing extensive ship rebuilding. Ensure all necessary parts are in place to pass the flight check and complete the upgrade.

By following these methods, you can effectively increase your ship’s storage capacity in Starfield, allowing you to carry more items and resources during your spacefaring adventures.

What can i do for more ship storage?

When obtaining ship parts through legitimate means seems challenging, or if you lack the Starship Designs skills to proceed, consider an alternative approach: acquiring someone else’s vessel.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to engage and disable another ship in space, particularly targeting its engines using the Targeting System Skill for precision. Once the ship’s engines are down, approach closely and dock with it. If it offers the storage space you need, eliminate the crew and assume the pilot’s seat. Upon your departure, this commandeered ship will become your new Home Ship.

Alternatively, while exploring planets, you may encounter the opportunity to steal ships that have landed nearby. Keep in mind that not all ships can be stolen, especially if they are manned by civilians, smugglers, or security personnel. However, if you come across a vessel owned by Spacers or the Crimson Fleet, you can take aggressive action to claim it and its valuable cargo for yourself.

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