Inscryption Ouroboros Powerups and Money

Welcome to our Inscryption Ouroboros Powerups and Money guide. This guide will show you how to obtain an infinite power ourobors and therefore make infinite money in act 2.

Inscryption Ouroboros Powerups and Money

Infinite Ouroboros Powerups and Infinite Money (Act II)

How to do it

Ouroboros stats are maintened across acts, games, and runs.
And since extra damage become money, a powerful Ouroboros means a lot of money to make!

So, in Act II, obtain an Ouroboros.

  • Then go to the mage tower, and reach the second floor, when you can battle the dummy.
  • You can play an infinite game against it, and the basic idea is to keep crashing (hammer tool on the left) your ouroboros and summon it again, more and more powerful.
  • But how to deal with the limited number of sacrifices?
  • One solution may be to fill the deck with cats. But there is a limited number of deaths they can endure.

A better permanent solution is the Tomb Robber, a rare undead card, that allow to summon a skeleton in your hand spending one bone.
So if you have 2 bones and the Tomb Robber on the field, you can summon 2 skeletons. Then you play them. And sacrifice them to play Ouroboros. This sacrifice has given you 2 new bones, that you can use to summon two more skeletons. So, break you ouroboros with the hammer and start again, until you are bored!

Inscryption Ouroboros Powerups and Money
Inscryption Ouroboros Powerups and Money

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