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Keplerth All Discoveries Guide

Welcome to our Keplerth All Discoveries Guide. This guide has documented all 75 discoveries and their achievements, we show you all the places where you can get them.

Keplerth All Discoveries Guide

Almost all discovery goods can be obtained via exploring and fighting enemies. However, in case you’re missing any, we’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need and where you can acquire it.

Summary – Keplerth All Discoveries Guide

We show you a summary of where to get all the discoveries (x75 discoveries):

  • 39 Overworld Discoveries : They appear from the surface down to floor 19 randomly in different buildings
  • 6 Boss Fight Discoveries
  • 22 Final Boss Fight Discoveries : Soul Jar (x22 discoveries)
  • 6 Killing Mobs
  • 1 Portal Key : talk to the robot at the start of the game
  • 1 Animal Digital Tag : Cows

x6 Boss Fight Discoveries

These are the x6 discoveries coming from boss fights (not final boss fights), and where to find each boss:

  • Mutant Parasytor Siphon Cell > Monster & Location : Infected Queen (Surface)
  • Blood Stained Parchment > Monster & Location : Goblin King (Floor 1-4)
  • Heart Of Insector > Monster & Location : Insector Queen (Floor 5-9)
  • Ordnance Management Handbook > Monster & Location : Grounder Captain (Floor 10-14)
  • DIvil’s Gun > Monster & Location : Man In Black (Floor 15-19)
  • Sorry, i am late again… > Monster & Location : Man In White (Shelter Dimension)

x6 Killing Mobs Discoveries

These are the x6 discoveries coming from Killing Mobds, and where to find each mob:

  • Bloody Necklace > Monster & Location : Goblins (Floor 1-4)
  • Zombie Dog Tooth > Monster & Location : Nightmare Hound (Floor 11-14)
  • Parasytor Crasher’s Head > Monster & Location : Parasytor Soldier (Shelter with Man In White)
  • Chip Implant > Monster & Location : Goblin or Goblin King (Floor 1-4)
  • Heart Gem > Monster & Location : Parasytor (Surface)
  • Boar Tusk > Monster & Location : Boar (Surface)


Edit: After a few hours of farming to retrieve the boar tusk and heart gem from the surface, and with the knowledge we have of where other discoveries landed, we can deduce that they do indeed only drop very rarely from certain mobs. The only discovery we’re not sure of is the Chip Implant discovery because we’ve killed both a group of goblins and a goblin king during this time, and we can’t tell which one dropped them.

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