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Welcome to our Knightfall A Daring Journey Tips and Tricks guide. A Totally Serious Guide to Knightfall! Win the game and propose to your best bro…

Knightfall A Daring Journey Tips and Tricks

You start the game, get put besides a horse with a random stranger whom you are about to marry (hopefully), and get told to “Get The Rose”. What?

  • Try to hold in your gay panic and heed the following:
  • You slowly die if you are out of town at night or too far from your horse.
  • Follow the roads and signs; they lead to towns and the rose.
  • Confess your love to your homie, and work together.

Now, some details.


First, get on the horse. One person (the first to get on) drives and the other person rides shotgun.

Remain near the horse throughout the game. You will lose health and die if you are too far away from the horse.

Second, start riding along the road. You probably have no idea where you’re going – that’s okay. Just follow the road and signs, and they eventually lead to gay marriage.

Avoid riding on grass as much as possible. They slow your speed to a crawl. Even if the road seems longer, preserving momentum helps you get to places faster.

Once you get the hang of riding with your buddy, you can try drifting. Tap A or D, and hold SPACE to drift. While drifting, hold A or D to drift outwards or inwards, depending on the direction you are drifting in.

Holding drift gives you mini-turbo. Hold for long enough and the effects turn purple, giving you an even stronger boost.

This should be enough to get you going, but here’s a few extra tips.

  • Holding inwards slows you down very quickly. Try to hold outwards or not hold a direction while drifting to retain speed.
  • Stay at the inside of a curve when drifting. This gives you more room to maneuver.
  • You can drift to get a small speed boost even on straight roads. Briefly tap SPACE while holding a direction.
  • Play eurobeat music.

Hitting Town – Knightfall A Daring Journey Tips and Tricks

After you ride for long enough, you will hit a town. The game will loudly scream at you, so you can’t miss it. Towns contain weapons and supplies, and also protect you from damage at night. Always stop at a town, even if it is still day. (You generally don’t have enough time to reach a second town within a day.)

When you first approach a town, you will be told if there are enemies inside. Enemies will also be warned of your presence. Be ready for a fight regardless.

While inside a town, loot for stuff. You want:

  • Weapons – Max 1. There are 4 weapons, more on them later.
  • Ammo – Max 45*. Each box contains 5 rounds.
  • Bombs – Max 5. Throw them like grenades.
  • Bandages – Max 10. Each restore 25% health.

NB: Weapons have different “ammo efficiency”, so it may not show the same amount; despite this, each box contains the same amount of ammo. Additionally, ammo within your weapon count towards the maximum, even if it is not shown.

Once you stock up (or if you had no time to), it’s time to do some homoerotic brawling.

Shoot Your Load At Other Men

The town ain’t big enough for the four of you. Sooner or later, you will have to eliminate some foes.

Here’s the tools you will have for the job.


  • 5 shots, 100% ammo efficiency (45 max)
  • Your starting weapon. Balanced and good at most ranges. Kills in 3 hits. Nothing much to say, but don’t underestimate it.

Sawn-off Shotgun

  • 2 shots, 33% ammo efficiency (15 max)
  • Pretty obviously a close range weapon. Kills in 1-2 hits up close, not effective past medium range.


  • 1 shot, 33% ammo efficiency (15 max)
  • An accurate rifle suitable for long range sniping. Kills in 2 hits, and can one-hit kill on a headshot.


  • 18 shots, 200% ammo efficiency (90 max)
  • Close range brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. Kills in 6 hits. With trigger discipline, it’s possible to use at medium range, but this isn’t recommended.


  • 5 max
  • Throwable explosives. Despite their round appearance, They don’t roll much and tend to stop right where it lands. Does up to 80% damage maximum. You can only throw one every 4 seconds, but you can still swap to your gun and fire it during that time.

All weapons are more or less equally viable, but I have found the most success with the musket due to the advantage it gives you when defending a location.

Here are some additional gamer tips.

  • Rapidly firing your weapon increases spread, indicated by the crosshair. Most notable on the Glock and Revolver.
  • Your ammo count remains the same for all weapons; however, each weapon has an efficiency value that determines how many rounds they consume per reload.
  • You can use weapons and items on horseback with no penalties.
  • Headshots do more damage.
  • Most towns contain plenty of high ground – use them!
  • When you die and turn into a ghost, you can be revived by your teammate. Ghosts can be damaged and killed still.

Okay, But When Do I Have Gay Sex? – Knightfall A Daring Journey Tips and Tricks

So you’ve rode your horse, killed some love rivals, and you’re nearing the end. What’s the win condition?

Following the roads will inevitably lead you to the Big Castle, where the rose gradually falls into place at the red beam. The Big Castle is very open and contains no loot. Generally, you want to approach the top, where the rose is located, and fend off approaching enemies. If you are not the first to arrive, use the sides for cover and try to get close. The musket is an excellent weapon here, as is the revolver.

The rose is accessible as early as the 3rd night. Once you interact with the rose (which takes several seconds), you win, and get treated to a cutscene depending on if your partner is alive or not.

The most important tip:

  • You must take the rose to be the top!
  • If your partner takes it, you will become a malewife and will spend the rest of your life as a bottom!
  • No pressure! Besides, you might like it.

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