Leaf Blower Revolution Leaf Guide

Welcome to our Leaf Blower Revolution Leaf Guide. Are you looking for a guide to help you progress from basic leaves to legendary leaves? Then you’re in the right place. This guide will show you all types of leaves, their characteristics!

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Leaf Blower Revolution Leaf Guide

Hello from our Leaf Blower Revolution Leaf Guide. This guide will helps you progress from basic leaves to mythical leaves.

Basic Leaves

Ok. you just bought the game. you can move your mouse around to ‘blow’ the leaves away. every leaf you blow away gives you a leaf. you can spend these leaves.

So what you want to spend these leaves on is trees. you want to get them until it is taking a while to get more upgrades. then you want to either: save up for leaf marketing, or buy a rake. if you buy a rake, then get leaf marketing, and vice versa. leaf marketing gives you 2 leaves per leaf, and the rake helps you blow from further away.

Now you should get some fertilizer, and maybe an Automatic Leaf Blower (ALB for short). fertilizer means faster leaves, and ALB’s mean that you no longer have to play to blow leaves. don’t forget to get more tree upgrades.

You should probably be getting enough leaves to get your second leaf marketing, and also a better rake, or even a leaf blower.

Around now you should be saving up for golden leaves. it might not seem worth it, but these leaves are really good.

Golden Leaves

Now that you have golden leaves, what you want to do immediately is buy golden fertiliser. this really helps get more golden leaves, because they spawn really slowly to start. just keep getting fertiliser until you are getting dozens of gold leaves fairly quickly. don’t forget to buy more normal leaf upgrades.

This might sound obvious, but if you didn’t know you can scroll down on the golden leaf section. if you do so you will see golden fruit and leaf combos. buy golden fruit as soon as you can, as they are a good way to get lots of golden leaves.

Now, you save up for leaf combos. 500 gold leaves is a lot, but it is worth it. once you have unlocked leaf combos, you will notice a combo counter at the top of the screen. blow leaves off the screen to increase the combo, and the higher the combo, the more leaves you get. you can upgrade combos later. now you should buy the leaf portal.

Don’t prestige instantly, even if the game says 20+ coins recommended. because you can get a lot more than 20 with your leaf combos. just blow a lot of leaves, buy upgrades, repeat, until you get around the hundreds of coins.

The First Prestige

Now you should have a lot more coins than you should have, if you followed the last section. the first thing you want to buy with your coins is ‘unlock areas’. this will mean that you can travel to the neighbours garden, which has enemies and can spawn platinum leaves.

After the initial spending, you should still have a majority of your coins. scroll down until you see ‘more leaves’ and ‘more gold leaves’. try to buy an even amount of these upgrades, while still keeping some coins leftover. be careful, as their cost quadruples each upgrade.

Now just speed through basic leaves as you get either triple or quadruple the normal amount. when you buy leaf marketing, you will find that you get 6 or 8 basic leaves, instead of 4 or 5. yep, the coin upgrades from earlier were multipliers.

When you buy golden leaves again, do the same as last time, and buy fertiliser, combos, and fruit. your combos will multiply with the other multipliers, meaning that you can get around 10 golden leaves every single one.

Now you start upgrading combos. get the max combo and combo multiplier first, then get combo duration. then get a second max combo upgrade. you should be getting 4x combo a lot of the time. now buy one of the leaf blowers with golden leaves, and buy some ALBs. they shouldn’t be too expensive, and now combos are possible to get while afk.

Platinum Leaves

You can probably afford platinum leaves now. they are a huge boost to ALBs. but you need to go to the neighbours garden in the areas tab. enemies will start spawning, blow leaves at them to get rewards. in the coins tab, buy the more platinum leaves upgrade a few times. do a similar process to golden leaves, where you buy the fertiliser, then the fruit, but this time there isn’t any combo upgrades, there is ALB upgrades.

Buy some of those, while also spending your other leaves. if you look at the leaf portal now, it would be around the thousands. but you should have at least 10 coins left, which you can use to buy the mountain in the areas shop, which has, you guessed it, another leaf type.

Bismuth – Flasks

Now that you have unlocked the mountain, buy ‘more bismuth leaves’, get fertiliser, you get the point. these also give bonuses to ALBs, including an attacking function. now it is probably time for your next prestige, after blowing some leaves around to maximize coins of course.

Spend your coins similarly to before, while getting some fruit upgrades all the way at the bottom, but remember to keep around 1000. with these you will buy printers, and unlock space. you will still have some left over, which you can spend on printers, in the newly acquired printers tab. buy 1 or 2 for golden-bismuth. now you should be back to where you were, so you can buy the ‘large paint roller’ for 500 bismuth leaves.

After buying some bismuth marketing, you could buy cosmic leaves after a while. do so. same deal as all the other leaves, buy fertiliser, buy fruit, buy marketing. after blowing leaves for a while, and after buying combo upgrades on the golden leaves, you unfortunately (unless you have 4k coins spare) have to prestige again. don’t spend any of your coins just yet. you should be going by pretty quick at this point, and now unlock ‘the void’. then unlock converters, and then upgrade converters.

This should be getting pretty repetitive, but there is something new very soon. unlock void leaves, go to the void, and this time you will find that in place of a new leaf, there is flasks. when you can unlock flasks, unlock them, and go into the converters tab.

All you need to do in here is click on the start button next to the red flask converter. now you will start losing void leaves, and start gaining red flasks. it is important to note that you should be getting void leaves faster than you are losing them, so buy void marketing and/or combos until you are getting more void leaves than you are losing.


Flasks are kind of annoying, but you can make it through. go to the red flask tab, and buy all of the upgrades, but focus on the increase converter output one. after a while, you can buy green flasks.

Now start the green flask converter, and buy the top upgrade as much as you can. (not the unlock blue flask one) this is because you will almost certainly be losing red flasks. if you aren’t, that is great, but still buy the upgrade. now repeat the same process as red flasks, but you will notice that the increase converter output upgrade is much more expensive than red flasks. i don’t really know why, but each flask has the converter output upgrade dramatically more expensive than before.

Repeat the process for each flask until the strange flask. you will unlock the big leaf crunch (BLC), but don’t do it just yet. You don’t need to make more flasks than you are using, as that is really hard until later. now that you are at the strange flasks, you will notice that they take a LOT of black flasks. this is the time to get all of the reduce converter resources to max if you haven’t already. even though the strange flasks take tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to make, you still should start the converter.

Buy the ‘C++’ upgrade with your first strange flasks, as it really helps with getting the other flasks to go higher than however many it takes to make the next one. it will also give you more strange flasks. feel free to afk for a while, because it will take a while for much to happen.

After you afk, you should have tens of thousands of strange flasks. unlock exotic leaves, and unlock the abyss. also spend the flasks on all the upgrades you see after you have unlocked the other things. now, after all this time, you have officially finished flasks.

Yet Another Leaf

Go to the abyss, and start blowing away exotic leaves. if you haven’t already, you should probably buy the compressor because these leaves take a lot of blow power. these leaves are actually quite different to the others, but still start by getting fertiliser and the fruits. you will want to get marketing, as always, but start getting the BLC upgrades. ignore ‘unlock celestial leaves’ for now, those will come much later. as for the farming certificate, that can be useful, but for now it is a waste of exotic leaves. keep farming and buying upgrades until the big leaf crunch gives you a couple thousand BLC coins. but don’t crunch (BLC prestige) yet, because there are BLC upgrades in the strange flask shop. no, not the 500m upgrade fortunately, just scroll down and buy BLC++. NOW you can crunch.

Big Leaf Crunch

You are back at the start, but this time you don’t have your prestige upgrades anymore. go into the BLC coins tab, and buy the following upgrades:

  • Moar Gems
  • More converter transistors (3)
  • Master of leaves (8)
  • What the combo (7)
  • ALB tools
  • Bigger bag (3)
  • Fruit magnet
  • Prestige+++++ (5)
  • Increase Converter Output (4)

With your leftover BLC coins, spend them on more what the combos or master of leaves, it doesn’t really matter. now you should be flying through the early game, but you do need to get back your prestige coins. buy all the usual upgrades, except now you should have way more coins and you won’t need a second prestige. now you can make it back to flasks, and you will find that they are going much quicker. you can speedrun back to exotic leaves, but now you are kind of stuck.

Unlocking celestial leaves will not help you, as you need the 1000000BLC area to collect them. Now is the time to afk for a long time. before you afk, you will want to get a lot of C++ from the strange flask shop, and the reduce converter resources and the increase converter count maxed out on all flasks. try to make more flasks than they are taking on all of your flasks except for black flasks. it also helps if you buy the farming certificate from exotic leaves, and buying as much seeds as you can.

1.6 Million BLC

After you afk, you will want to buy the BLC science upgrades on all the flasks you can, and the BLC exotic leaf upgrades. you should be getting enough BLC coins to the point that you think it would be possible to get 1.6 million BLC coins.

but you might be wondering, why would you need 1.6 million BLC coins if the celestial area only takes 1 million? well, i have discovered an insanely good way to get BLC coins. you need the Offline Crunches upgrade, which is really slow at first (0.1% of your highest BLC per minute) but you can upgrade it for 100k with the Offline BLC upgrade, which makes it 1.1%. that means that every 1hr 40min you get your best BLC, without resetting. go to sleep for 8-10 hours, and that is ~5-6 times your best BLC. the bad thing? you have to get the BLC coins first.

back to reality, you might want to spend more BLC before saving up for 1.6 million. i like to think of it as 2 ways to get BLC.

1: The Active Way

This way involves crunching, going all the way back to the point where you can crunch, making some optimisations to BLC coins, and repeat. this strategy is probably more effective than the other one, but it takes a lot more effort.

2: The AFK Way

This way involves getting all the upgrades to BLC production that you can, after afking, and then crunching. then you get to the point where you can crunch, get as much flask production as you can, and afk for several hours. this goes well with the strategy described in the 2nd paragraph of this section, as your best BLC will be very big. this is less effective than the other one, but it takes a lot less effort. i prefer this one.

Seeds (Optional)

Okay, so you have the offline BLC upgrades. remember the farming certificate? this is where that comes in. seeds can let you get infinite leaves. great, right? yes, but there is a limit to leaves, which we heightened earlier with the 3 bigger bag upgrades.

seeds give you a 1% increase to the leaves that you already have. don’t worry, you can upgrade it up to 100%. seeds act a bit like fruits. they randomly spawn with leaves, just like fruits, except seeds are a lot rarer. seeds are really expensive to buy and upgrade. for example, the basic leaf seed is 1b basic leaves, which isn’t too bad, but the golden leaf seed is 8b golden leaves.

once you have unlocked some of the seeds (not necessarily all of them) you can afk for a while. while you are afk, you will get absurd amounts of leaves of the seeds you have gotten, and the seeds you haven’t gotten you will have enough to unlock, except for the exotic leaves (probably).

these really help with all of the upgrades that don’t have a limit, or a really high limit, like the combo multiplier or max combo from gold leaves. the exotic leaves upgrade moar BLC is much easier to get max with seeds, if you can afford the 1t seed unlock price.

Celestial Leaves

you should now have the 2 upgrades mentioned in ‘1.6 million BLC’ that help you get BLC coins offline. now you can close the game, sleep, and you probably have enough BLC for the celestial plane if you used the 2nd BLC method. otherwise it might be 24 hours.

now that you are in the celestial plane, you will realise that no celestial leaves are spawning. this is because the enemies dropping them are one of the only ways to get them. isn’t it g r e a t ? as far as i know, celestial leaves are one of, if not the biggest road blocks in the game. but the guide isn’t over yet.

first, buy ‘more enemies, please’ twice, then buy the celestial blower. buy worthy enemies a few times, and buy more enemies, please some more. buy celestial marketing twice, buy ALBs love seeds, and celestial fruit. now save up for celestial combos. celestial combos are kind of false advertising, they don’t give the full combo to celestial leaves, but they do give some bonus.

now you afk until you can get mythical leaves. they cost 1m celestial leaves, which is a problem, and the area they come from takes 50m BLC coins, which is an even bigger problem. buy moar BLC from the celestial leaves shop as much as you can, and do the biggest BLC you can. if you will get under 10m then save up for the BLC science upgrades from the flasks and BLC++ from the strange flask until you do get 10m, then crunch. then close the game, wait around 8 hours, and you will have enough. tada! the greatness of the offline BLC strategy. you now have 50m+ BLC.

Mythical Leaves

so you have gotten all the BLC, bought the area, and unlocked mythical leaves. Compared to celestial leaves, mythical leaves are way easier to get. in fact, they are the same as the normal leaves but better upgrades.

buy some fertiliser, buy marketing, buy fruits. one of the best upgrades in the mythical shop is the printer printer. this is because printers can be insanely useful.

printers can be useful because you can have a max of 1000 without any upgrades. normally that would be impossible to reach, but the printer printer can do that in under 20 minutes. normally printers only print 1 per second, but with upgrades it can be in the hundreds of thousands. yes, it is true that celestial printers give 0.001x as much, but that is still hundreds of celestial leaves every printer. when taking into account the fact that you can get a thousand, that is a lot of celestial leaves. you can also upgrade the cap as mentioned before, so it could be 10000, or even 100000 printers. that is when you can get some serious leaves. with all the realistic upgrades at this stage taken into account, you will be getting 50m celestial leaves and mythical leaves per second. although, one of the most important factors in this printer situation is pets and unique leaves. pets you can unlock for 1m BLC and unlock each pet 2m BLC each, unique leaves are more complicated.

Unique Leaves

don’t worry, this isn’t the next type of leaf. these are secret things with a riddle attached. spend 20m BLC to unlock them, and as mentioned in the mythical leaf section, they are useful.

to unlock the ghost leaf, have 1d cosmic leaves and the blowfish ‘tool’ in space. a big leaf will spawn, which you can blow away to collect it. it gives 500% more BLC coins.

to get the glitter leaf, have 1D bismuth leaves in the mountain with a rake. this gives 300% more combo rewards.

to get the rainbow leaf, have 100k celestial leaves and the celestial blower in the celestial plane. this gives 50% more seed rewards. (if a seed is at level 1, this will make it give 51% leaves)

and the really important to printers one, the robot leaf, you can have by getting 1m exotic leaves, having the graphics card equipped, in the abyss. it gives 5000% to printer rewards, which is really good.

these aren’t all the unique leaves, not even close, but it is the useful ones available at this stage.

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