Lethal Company Bestiary Guide

In the Lethal Company, your job is to collect abandoned, industrial scrap to meet the company’s profit quota. So what do you know about bestiary that you will need in this adventure? If you need tips, you should check out our Lethal Company Bestiary guide!

This is the guide Xerxeth it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Lethal Company Bestiary Guide

We have created this Lethal Company Bestiary guide from what we have discovered in Bestiary solo at the moment; a brief summary of what they have done, as well as tips and other observations that are not listed directly in bestiary! Also, the danger Level is determined by % Sigurd himself.

Danger Level 0%

Hoarding Bug

  • Neutral. Adorns Nest w/objects. Dangerous in Hive. Can steal what you’re holding if they like it enough.

Roaming Locusts

  • Completely harmless, disperses near predators.


  • Passive to humans.


  • 0% Danger if you’re faster than a snail. Drawn to heat and oxygen. If cornered, climb on tall object.

Danger Level 20%

Bunker Spiders

  • Waits for silk to be tripped on. Freezes defensively if caught “unprepared”. Webs can be easily broken with blunt tools. Kill-on-sight order issued. SEEN USING VENT SYSTEM, CAN BE HEARD. Seen on walls waiting to ambush.

Danger Level 30%

Snare Fleas(Thing that hangs on ceilings)

  • Suffocates victim. Thrives in dark warm areas. Generally avoids open air/sunlight. Weak Exoskeleton – Beat to death.

Danger Level 50%

Forest Keepers

  • Can see long distances. Stay low, make use of cover. Cannot enter small spaces, stay close to shelter or overhangs.
  • Stun Bomb?
  • Seen on Hazard Level A

Danger Level 80%


  • Extremely Unpredicatable, Extremely Dangerous. Stops when being looked at. When they enter a loud or bright light they enter a long reset mode.
  • Temporarily slown down behind a closed door? Seems to beat on it and will break through eventually.
  • Seen on a Hazard Level A

Danger Level 90%

Circuit Bees

  • Grabbing Hive alone seems too risky, have another kite the bees.
  • Stun Bomb?


  • “Get out of there before it goes ape, you can’t hide from it, just evacuate.”
  • Will follow you around. When its boxed its harmless. Eventually it cranks itself for a good minute, the music gets faster and deeper and a monster bursts out of the box.
  • Seen on Hazard Level A


Eyeless Dogs(Lost the log for these guys, unsure of Danger Level)

  • Generally hunt in packs. Blind, clumsy, taking guesses at prey’s location. Alerts pack. Attracted to sound, turn off radio and be quiet.
  • Boombox?

Observations / Tips

  • Monsters seem to start appearing outside around 5 pm. (Early as 3 pm on poor weather conditions, perhaps also related to Hazard Level)
  • You can hear the sand worm, keep running until you can’t hear it.
  • Scrap has been seen having varying prices.
  • Along with opening secure doors, you can deactivate turrets, and landmines via the terminal.
  • Can use the Extendo Ladder to cross pits, but there’s a timer before it resets itself.
  • You can get crushed by the store drop pod.
  • You can order a ‘Survival Kit’ in the terminal which includes 4 flashlights, 4 walkie-talkies, and 1 shovel.
Written by Xerxeth

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