Monster Train – Benefits of Helping Dante

Benefits of Helping Dante

So what is this gonna cost me?

Simply put, it’s going to stick you with three of these for the ENTIRE run – you don’t lose them later when you get your reward, either. They’re there, and unpurgeable, forever. The reward will make them a little sweeter, but they’re still three unpurgeable, ember-costing blights. I wouldn’t recommend taking this if you’re running a very thin deck, lacking draw, or struggling too much with ember.

So what do I get out of it?

After a bit, Dante will come back and thank you for holding onto the candles for him. And the reward? He joins you, as a neutral card, and gives you his own artifact to boot. Both him and his artifact benefit from stacking blights, so I’d recommend hitting up more concealed caverns and picking up a few to beef up both your spells and Dante himself. And of course, you can upgrade him at a merchant of steel as normal to stack base damage – with the natural multistrike three, any attack bonuses will be multiplied by FOUR, and further blights will increase this.

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