NBA 2K19 – Locker Codes

VC codes are 20 mixed numbers and alphabets that are realised by 2k, they are just tokens or in-game currency, they can be used to help you win matches because they help the players on your team to be faster, pass better, have a more accurate shot and a lot of other stuff which will help you win the game very easy.

Locker Codes

If a Expiration Date, time is not specified, assume the code is active for two weeks from date of release.

Date ReleasedCodeRewardExpiration Date/Time
12/30/18BLAKE-G5JB6-93QYP-W74CB-FBTFZShot at a Blake Griffin 20th Anniversary pack, MT or Tokens01/06/19 1:00 PM EST
12/28/18TDIHB-PWWPT-G3CK3-N6LHP-L63ZYGuaranteed This Day in History card from any of the first 10 releases, including Diamond Bob Pettit01/04/19 1:00 PM EST
12/26/18PINKD-55555-BBBBB-22222-FFFFFGuaranteed Pink Diamond 20th Anniversary Cover Edition Card01/02/19 11:00 AM EST
12/26/18MTEEP-12345-12345-12345-12345Guaranteed MT between 25-50K01/02/19 11:00 AM EST
12/25/18MERRY-85YQM-ULZ7M-DCA7J-VFMH7Shot at Amethyst Vince Carter, 20,000 MT, 75 Tokens or an MJ 20th Anniversary Pack01/01/19 11:00 AM EST
12/24/18MAGIC-8CTA8-QA3HM-AA6DW-CYQ5AShot at a 20th Anniversary Magic Johnson pack, Tokens or MT12/31/18 11:00 AM EST
12/21/18MERRY-NS49H-RRNNN-86L24-NBWLYShot at Amethyst Vince Carter, 20,000 MT, 75 Tokens or an MJ 20th Anniversary Pack01/01/19 11:00 AM EST
12/20/18MTPRN-K4HD8-273HU-M49AG-XKJUGGuaranteed MTP with chance of 3,50012/27/18 11:00AM EST
12/19/18KEVIN-BY2D9-X2A68-X7TEK-FALQ4Chance at Diamond Kevin McHale12/26/18 11:00AM EST
12/18/18TOKEN-NNDJ5-QBTJ2-JVXHE-EMS6DGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens12/25/18 11:00AM EST
12/12/18TODAL-WMV2G-9GN7D-L8E7Z-TQD34Chance at Premiere Award Mavericks/Raptors Pack12/19/18 12:00PM EST
12/11/18ELITE-PTVTX-925J5-37WZ9-2G93FChance at Throwback Elite Pack12/18/18 11:00AM EST
12/10/18JAMES-C37TJ-BAJQ5-25RTT-GB96RChance at Amethyst James Worthy12/17/18 1:00PM EST
12/8/18LEAGU-HF7J9-ZZPRC-ZGTAK-V7PJXChance at Standard/Deluxe Moments Pack12/15/18 11:00AM EST
12/6/18GRCHA-GQRFR-A24WD-VTERX-Y7RLTChance at Grizzlies/Hornets Throwback Pack12/13/18 10:00AM EST
12/4/18ORLBK-YXNP7-GY7KR-RYB6L-WMP3NChance at Magic/Nets Throwback Pack12/11/18 12:00PM EST
12/2/18TOKEN-47CR2-WTHWK-YDXYF-U64KGGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Tokens12/9/18 11:00AM EST
11/26/18STOCK-A98DZ-XFGAA-3G9KG-FM8ZWChance at Amethyst John Stockton12/3/18 3:00PM EST
11/26/18GREEN-TG39B-JYKR6-RTJJ9-C5BEZChance at Ruby A.C. Green12/3/18 12:00PM EST
11/23/18JEFFH-EHPMF-3RJ4F-WNE8E-8M57QChance at Amethyst Jeff Hornacek11/30/18 3:00PM EST
11/22/18THANK-KE69E-LXXNB-AWW3A-ZXMRRChance at Diamond Shoe/Contract Pack/Tokens/MT11/29/18 11:00AM EST
11/20/18TOKEN-7MPDH-MHDZM-3Q3BA-5MN8ZGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens11/27/18 11:00AM EST
11/19/18AMKAJ-4EYA7-GRPTT-QF7VV-ZER48Chance at Amethyst Kareem/Signature Series Kareem Pack11/26/18 1:00PM EST
11/18/18SENSA-X7ZLE-MX9V4-434VL-PWYCXChance at Rookie Sensations Pack11/25/18 3:00PM EST
11/16/18PREMR-BXUZQ-NQP8B-VEJQF-SYMXYChance at Kings/Bucks Throwback Pack11/23/18 5:00PM EST
11/14/18PACKS-FFKZF-K8B2J-9PDWW-4DE74Chance at Standard/Deluxe League Pack11/21/18 11:00AM EST
11/13/18BOBPE-UECBE-FKQHC-HYAPP-8FXKQChance at Diamond Bob Pettit11/20/18 1:00PM EST
11/12/18TOKEN-Y6KEL-48E29-663EN-VU5JKGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens11/19/18 1:00PM EST
11/10/18#NBA2K_2KTV_KembaChance at random Kemba Walker Card
11/10/18HEATC-C6GDY-K8DAH-WRY47-L6GEPChance at Heat Check Pack
11/8/18COACH-MQZFU-GFZQH-GALM2-DAF35Triple Threat Coach Pack w/ Chance at Diamond Coach11/15/18 1:00PM EST
11/6/18NIQUE-BWB3Q-UFNGT-2KRER-PTQV4Chance at Amethyst Dominique Wilkins
11/5/18PREMR-X5GBY-ZVJ83-F8LVF-J64N5Chance at Knicks/Pacers Throwback Pack
11/1/18TRIPL-ANZ6F-3CGM2-TGRRA-NN6URMyTeam Consumables pack with chance at Diamond Shoe/Contract
10/31/18SPOOK-XFDVQ-KGPE4-7X5DE-YHRKXGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 75 tokens11/7/18 12:00PM EST
10/27/18MARQU-DWANT-JBTFQ-K2CGL-4D8XQChance at Ruby Marques Johnson
10/24/18BOOKR-EWMP8-ZRCMJ-PVVUU-PEPNPSapphire Devin Booker or MTP10/31/18 1:00PM EST
10/22/18AYTON-ENCKA-UNL46-29BRK-ZU7DYChance at Deandre Ayton Gold Card
10/20/18DALTO-HHLYK-9UW27-9A9PX-6XY4EChance at Raptors/Mavericks Throwback Pack10/27/18 5:00PM EST
10/18/18CONTR-6DEN6-4Q6NP-FC9NL-F64EVJumbo Triple Threat Pack
10/16/18MTNOW-XWRAL-NXYTB-ULABP-RR4Y2Chance at up to 3,500 MTP
10/13/18ZEKET-UF48H-K7GLF-A7K8Z-EMDHKChance at Amethyst Isiah Thomas
10/13/18BOBMC-DAHBM-BMMV4-46KMA-RF2PKChance at Amethyst Bob Mcadoo
10/12/18ROOK2-KDQUF-YUCRB-FMT5P-XZ2DV2nd Chance at Rookie Heat Check card or MTP10/19/18 1:00PM EST
10/12/18ROOKS-YTJF7-JRMU3-V9J4K-T2BDAChance at Rookie Heat Check card or MTP10/19/18 1:00PM EST
10/10/18TOKEN-VH75X-LHQGD-9F7M2-EVKRUChance at 20 MyTeam Reward Tokens
10/7/18HEATC-9NCFM-CYP9V-HLWZA-8W3U9Chance at Nuggets/Pelicans Heat Check Pack10/14/18 3:00PM EST
10/5/18TRIPL-J8JKE-MRURF-QK4EN-ZJTA2MyTeam Consumables pack with chance at Diamond Shoe/Contract
10/3/18JWEST-6F2AY-8CGFC-B9CH5-UFMQ7Amethyst Jerry West
10/1/18GIMME-N883X-KHHQ7-MZCNW-LUA29Chance at up to 10,000 MTP
9/29/18TOKEN-BXWR9-WJU53-UR3L2-MN3HTGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens
9/27/18SHOES-W3P47-C54HW-5XRVE-MQB8JGuaranteed Gold or Diamond Shoe10/04/18 1:00PM EST
9/25/18JORDN-MGUQK-VVQL2-BM6VE-WWDVC2nd Chance at Ruby Michael Jordan
9/25/18JORDN-8KR78-CX6YD-WMWB7-2HQ9VRuby Michael Jordan
9/22/18SCOTT-28WLC-3WGW4-4ENQH-WZ7F7Ruby Charlie Scott9/29/18 2:00PM EST
9/20/18PACKS-WYMGR-FQBX7-Y293U-G8RYYGuaranteed League Pack9/27/18 1:00PM EST
9/18/18TRIPL-N6MK2-N6QQC-NTVX2-P3THDMyTeam Consumables Pack
9/16/18COACH-JA2VL-2WKLD-AYAUE-Y4W3VMyTeam Coach Pack
9/12/18TOKEN-Z32HC-NFFWB-TRTJ4-T6N9GGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token
9/10/18HCLC1-VWSRX-M8KS6-7AWEN-XJ9NJGrizzlies/Hornets Heat Check Pack
9/7/18GETIT-DUWW7-AN5F3-FPEZB-9VMWCPre Release

Quantity Limited Locker Codes

By the time you see this, these codes are likely expired but we will still keep track of them here.

Date ReleasedCodeReward
11/15/18#NBA2K_2KTVonIG15,000 VC
11/12/18#NBA2K_2KTV_15KVC15,000 VC
11/10/18#NBA2K_2KTV_25KVC25,000 VC

Non Expiring Locker Codes

TRIPL-N6MK2-N6QQC-NTVX2-P3THD – MyTeam Consumables Pack
TOKEN-Z32HC-NFFWB-TRTJ4-T6N9G – Guaranteed MyTeam Reward Token
HCLC1-VWSRX-M8KS6-7AWEN-XJ9NJ – Grizzlies-Hornets Heat Check Pack
GETIT-DUWW7-AN5F3-FPEZB-9VMWC – Chance at Tokens MTP
TRIPL-J8JKE-MRURF-QK4EN-ZJTA2 – My Team Consumable Pack
TOKEN-VH75X-LHQGD-9F7M2-EVKRU – Chance at 20 Tokens
CONTR-6DEN6-4Q6NP-FC9NL-F64EV – Jumbo Triple Threat Pack
DALTO-HHLYK-9UW27-9A9PX-6XY4E – Throwback Mavs-Raptors Pack

Locker Codes can only be obtained outside the game. In a way, 2K Sports encourages players to follow their Twitter accounts to obtain Locker Codes. The codes are usually given away on the official NBA 2K19 Twitter

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