NBA 2K19 Xbox Cheats

NBA 2K19 Xbox Locker Codes

If a Expiration Date, time is not specified, assume the code is active for two weeks from date of release.

Date ReleasedCodeRewardExpiration Date/Time
12/30/18BLAKE-G5JB6-93QYP-W74CB-FBTFZShot at a Blake Griffin 20th Anniversary pack, MT or Tokens01/06/19 1:00 PM EST
12/28/18TDIHB-PWWPT-G3CK3-N6LHP-L63ZYGuaranteed This Day in History card from any of the first 10 releases, including Diamond Bob Pettit01/04/19 1:00 PM EST
12/26/18PINKD-55555-BBBBB-22222-FFFFFGuaranteed Pink Diamond 20th Anniversary Cover Edition Card01/02/19 11:00 AM EST
12/26/18MTEEP-12345-12345-12345-12345Guaranteed MT between 25-50K01/02/19 11:00 AM EST
12/25/18MERRY-85YQM-ULZ7M-DCA7J-VFMH7Shot at Amethyst Vince Carter, 20,000 MT, 75 Tokens or an MJ 20th Anniversary Pack01/01/19 11:00 AM EST
12/24/18MAGIC-8CTA8-QA3HM-AA6DW-CYQ5AShot at a 20th Anniversary Magic Johnson pack, Tokens or MT12/31/18 11:00 AM EST
12/21/18MERRY-NS49H-RRNNN-86L24-NBWLYShot at Amethyst Vince Carter, 20,000 MT, 75 Tokens or an MJ 20th Anniversary Pack01/01/19 11:00 AM EST
12/20/18MTPRN-K4HD8-273HU-M49AG-XKJUGGuaranteed MTP with chance of 3,50012/27/18 11:00AM EST
12/19/18KEVIN-BY2D9-X2A68-X7TEK-FALQ4Chance at Diamond Kevin McHale12/26/18 11:00AM EST
12/18/18TOKEN-NNDJ5-QBTJ2-JVXHE-EMS6DGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens12/25/18 11:00AM EST
12/12/18TODAL-WMV2G-9GN7D-L8E7Z-TQD34Chance at Premiere Award Mavericks/Raptors Pack12/19/18 12:00PM EST
12/11/18ELITE-PTVTX-925J5-37WZ9-2G93FChance at Throwback Elite Pack12/18/18 11:00AM EST
12/10/18JAMES-C37TJ-BAJQ5-25RTT-GB96RChance at Amethyst James Worthy12/17/18 1:00PM EST
12/8/18LEAGU-HF7J9-ZZPRC-ZGTAK-V7PJXChance at Standard/Deluxe Moments Pack12/15/18 11:00AM EST
12/6/18GRCHA-GQRFR-A24WD-VTERX-Y7RLTChance at Grizzlies/Hornets Throwback Pack12/13/18 10:00AM EST
12/4/18ORLBK-YXNP7-GY7KR-RYB6L-WMP3NChance at Magic/Nets Throwback Pack12/11/18 12:00PM EST
12/2/18TOKEN-47CR2-WTHWK-YDXYF-U64KGGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Tokens12/9/18 11:00AM EST
11/26/18STOCK-A98DZ-XFGAA-3G9KG-FM8ZWChance at Amethyst John Stockton12/3/18 3:00PM EST
11/26/18GREEN-TG39B-JYKR6-RTJJ9-C5BEZChance at Ruby A.C. Green12/3/18 12:00PM EST
11/23/18JEFFH-EHPMF-3RJ4F-WNE8E-8M57QChance at Amethyst Jeff Hornacek11/30/18 3:00PM EST
11/22/18THANK-KE69E-LXXNB-AWW3A-ZXMRRChance at Diamond Shoe/Contract Pack/Tokens/MT11/29/18 11:00AM EST
11/20/18TOKEN-7MPDH-MHDZM-3Q3BA-5MN8ZGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens11/27/18 11:00AM EST
11/19/18AMKAJ-4EYA7-GRPTT-QF7VV-ZER48Chance at Amethyst Kareem/Signature Series Kareem Pack11/26/18 1:00PM EST
11/18/18SENSA-X7ZLE-MX9V4-434VL-PWYCXChance at Rookie Sensations Pack11/25/18 3:00PM EST
11/16/18PREMR-BXUZQ-NQP8B-VEJQF-SYMXYChance at Kings/Bucks Throwback Pack11/23/18 5:00PM EST
11/14/18PACKS-FFKZF-K8B2J-9PDWW-4DE74Chance at Standard/Deluxe League Pack11/21/18 11:00AM EST
11/13/18BOBPE-UECBE-FKQHC-HYAPP-8FXKQChance at Diamond Bob Pettit11/20/18 1:00PM EST
11/12/18TOKEN-Y6KEL-48E29-663EN-VU5JKGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens11/19/18 1:00PM EST
11/10/18#NBA2K_2KTV_KembaChance at random Kemba Walker Card
11/10/18HEATC-C6GDY-K8DAH-WRY47-L6GEPChance at Heat Check Pack
11/8/18COACH-MQZFU-GFZQH-GALM2-DAF35Triple Threat Coach Pack w/ Chance at Diamond Coach11/15/18 1:00PM EST
11/6/18NIQUE-BWB3Q-UFNGT-2KRER-PTQV4Chance at Amethyst Dominique Wilkins
11/5/18PREMR-X5GBY-ZVJ83-F8LVF-J64N5Chance at Knicks/Pacers Throwback Pack
11/1/18TRIPL-ANZ6F-3CGM2-TGRRA-NN6URMyTeam Consumables pack with chance at Diamond Shoe/Contract
10/31/18SPOOK-XFDVQ-KGPE4-7X5DE-YHRKXGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 75 tokens11/7/18 12:00PM EST
10/27/18MARQU-DWANT-JBTFQ-K2CGL-4D8XQChance at Ruby Marques Johnson
10/24/18BOOKR-EWMP8-ZRCMJ-PVVUU-PEPNPSapphire Devin Booker or MTP10/31/18 1:00PM EST
10/22/18AYTON-ENCKA-UNL46-29BRK-ZU7DYChance at Deandre Ayton Gold Card
10/20/18DALTO-HHLYK-9UW27-9A9PX-6XY4EChance at Raptors/Mavericks Throwback Pack10/27/18 5:00PM EST
10/18/18CONTR-6DEN6-4Q6NP-FC9NL-F64EVJumbo Triple Threat Pack
10/16/18MTNOW-XWRAL-NXYTB-ULABP-RR4Y2Chance at up to 3,500 MTP
10/13/18ZEKET-UF48H-K7GLF-A7K8Z-EMDHKChance at Amethyst Isiah Thomas
10/13/18BOBMC-DAHBM-BMMV4-46KMA-RF2PKChance at Amethyst Bob Mcadoo
10/12/18ROOK2-KDQUF-YUCRB-FMT5P-XZ2DV2nd Chance at Rookie Heat Check card or MTP10/19/18 1:00PM EST
10/12/18ROOKS-YTJF7-JRMU3-V9J4K-T2BDAChance at Rookie Heat Check card or MTP10/19/18 1:00PM EST
10/10/18TOKEN-VH75X-LHQGD-9F7M2-EVKRUChance at 20 MyTeam Reward Tokens
10/7/18HEATC-9NCFM-CYP9V-HLWZA-8W3U9Chance at Nuggets/Pelicans Heat Check Pack10/14/18 3:00PM EST
10/5/18TRIPL-J8JKE-MRURF-QK4EN-ZJTA2MyTeam Consumables pack with chance at Diamond Shoe/Contract
10/3/18JWEST-6F2AY-8CGFC-B9CH5-UFMQ7Amethyst Jerry West
10/1/18GIMME-N883X-KHHQ7-MZCNW-LUA29Chance at up to 10,000 MTP
9/29/18TOKEN-BXWR9-WJU53-UR3L2-MN3HTGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token with chance at 20 tokens
9/27/18SHOES-W3P47-C54HW-5XRVE-MQB8JGuaranteed Gold or Diamond Shoe10/04/18 1:00PM EST
9/25/18JORDN-MGUQK-VVQL2-BM6VE-WWDVC2nd Chance at Ruby Michael Jordan
9/25/18JORDN-8KR78-CX6YD-WMWB7-2HQ9VRuby Michael Jordan
9/22/18SCOTT-28WLC-3WGW4-4ENQH-WZ7F7Ruby Charlie Scott9/29/18 2:00PM EST
9/20/18PACKS-WYMGR-FQBX7-Y293U-G8RYYGuaranteed League Pack9/27/18 1:00PM EST
9/18/18TRIPL-N6MK2-N6QQC-NTVX2-P3THDMyTeam Consumables Pack
9/16/18COACH-JA2VL-2WKLD-AYAUE-Y4W3VMyTeam Coach Pack
9/12/18TOKEN-Z32HC-NFFWB-TRTJ4-T6N9GGuaranteed MyTeam Reward Token
9/10/18HCLC1-VWSRX-M8KS6-7AWEN-XJ9NJGrizzlies/Hornets Heat Check Pack
9/7/18GETIT-DUWW7-AN5F3-FPEZB-9VMWCPre Release

Quantity Limited Locker Codes

By the time you see this, these codes are likely expired but we will still keep track of them here.

Date ReleasedCodeReward
11/15/18#NBA2K_2KTVonIG15,000 VC
11/12/18#NBA2K_2KTV_15KVC15,000 VC
11/10/18#NBA2K_2KTV_25KVC25,000 VC

NBA 2K19 Tips and Tricks

-At First, Putting Players In Their Right Positions Is Everything.

For those who are also NBA fans, you can’t expect to get good results if you play Kristaps Porzingis at point guard, or if you’re starting Stephen Curry at center. In other words, you should be mindful of each player’s preferred position, and make sure you’re assigning them to that position. Doing so would give you a nice statistical boost that could maybe even turn the tide in a game, and you can also benefit from additional energy if you’re playing playoff matches. Those positions are there for a reason. Don’t overlook this aspect of My NBA 2K19, especially in the early goings.

-The secret to winning a game in NBA 2K19 is to not ball hog, just pass the ball around until there’s an opening and push for it and call for the pass. You are guaranteed a easy dunk or layup.

-The most important thing to do in NBA 2K19 when it comes to earning VC is to not spend it on clothing, hair, or tattoos. The best thing to do in this situation is to spend it all on upgrading your character in all areas.

-Defending and blocking can sometimes be tricky if you don’t know how to do it right. The proper way to defend is to not spam the steal or block/jump button too early or too many times, because you can cause a foul and two easy freethrows for the attacking team. The right way is to stay up close to them and jump when they’re starting to jump, usually if you’re the same height as the shooter you can block the shot, but if you foul him it’s usually for the best and you’ll receive a good foul.

-Stamina can be an issue in NBA 2K19 if you have a really long play time (or if you set the game time to 12 minutes each quarter), the best thing to do is to call a timeout (depends on what you use the button will always be different, check the keybindings for instructions). When you call a timeout, you’ll be put onto the bench for a while, your stamina will regenerate and you’ll be set for the rest of the match/quarter.

-Log In Every Day, Even For A Few Minutes.

It’s important that you’re logging into the game at least once a day. Even if you don’t have enough time to play an actual game, logging in even for a few quick minutes (or seconds, for that matter) will be good enough so that you can redeem your daily login reward, which comes in the form of a free card pack. If you log in four days straight, you get a guaranteed Uncommon or Rare player. Logging in for eight days straight will get you a guaranteed Rare, with a chance of getting an Ultra Rare. And if you’re patient enough and log in for a good 20 days straight, you get anywhere from Ultra Rare to Elite guaranteed! In short — keep logging in daily so you could do away with those common cards sooner rather than later.

If you miss out on buying a certain pack, you can spend about 100 coins for that, although the costs could sometimes get prohibitive. As such, be sure you’re logging in — it doesn’t matter how long you stay logged in, just as long as you’re working toward getting better daily rewards! Remember, though, that once a new month starts, your progress gets reset. As far as the current month goes, you should start your daily login streak no later than October 12 if you want to get the 20-day reward, because come November 1, you’re going back to square one.

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