NBA 2K22 Best Shooting Badges

In this topic, we have listed the best shooting badges for NBA 2K22. You can find NBA 2K22 Best shooting Badges Current Gen and Next Gen in our content.

NBA 2K22 Best Shooting Badges

NBA 2K22 includes an overall of 80 badges with a range of new badges added this year. NBA 2K22 has actually a somewhat revamped badge system, presenting badge points to update badges. Badge points are made by performing well in the 4 different badge classifications: defense, finishing, playmaking, and shooting.

NBA 2K22, the shooting mechanic has, apart from the dunk meter, not been given a major overhaul.

Like in NBA 2K21, gamers need to collect a range of that will allow players to learn specific shooting skills. Along with all the new shooting badges introduced in NBA 2K22, the total count has now reached 80. This means that a range of shooting badges will have to be earned before players can pull of shooting skills of different kinds in both online and the MyCareer and MyNBA game modes in NBA 2K22. In this article, we look at some of the top shooting badges available to be earned in NBA 2K22.

Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22

MyCareer in NBA 2K22 is a long journey of your very own player in the NBA, but it is not going to be a successful ride if you don’t pick your MyPlayer build correctly.

Unlocking badges in NBA 2K22 is a time-consuming process in the game and you need to know whether the badge suits your playstyle or not before purchasing it.

Below, we have selected the top seven Badges that are suitable for most of the playstyles if not all of them.

The best shooting badges for your NBA 2K22 jumpshot depend at least somewhat on your general gameplay style and how good you are. However, there are a few of them that can benefit all of you. Here’s a list of those badges; consider getting them up to Hall of Fame.

  • Blinders: Unfazed by defenders from the side. That opens many new shot opportunities, since you’re effectively ignoring defenders trying to get you from the sides.
  • Catch & Shoot: Boosts the chance of hitting a three pointer immediately after a catch.
  • Chef: Increases the range for off-the-dribble three point shots. Makes for more reliable three-pointers.
  • Deadeye: Reduces impact of a defender who is closing out. Again, helps to get rid of people trying to stop you.
  • Hot Zone Hunter: Boosts the shot percentage for attempts taken in a player’s favorite spots. Only for those of you that know your hot zones well.
  • Sniper: Exaggerates effects of good and poor shot timing. Only for those of you that master shooting green shots consistently. It’ll work like magic, but only if you’re good.
  • Stop & Pop: Boosts shot rating on stand-still three pointers after dribbling.
NBA 2K22 Best Shooting Badges
NBA 2K22 Best Shooting Badges

NBA 2K22 Best Jumpshot

To get the best jumpshot in NBA 2K22, there are a number of things you should do. First off, make sure to buy a bunch of Jump Shots boosts at the Boosts booth (try saying that five times fast). Next, head to the Gatorade training facility. Some of the exercises you should focus on include battle ropes, leg presses, squats, running on the treadmill, etc. The higher those little pluses below your jumpshot stats are, the better.

On top of that, there are a few settings that you can play around with to give you even more of an advantage. Go into controller settings. Now, turn off shot meter and, if you don’t already, practice shooting until you get comfortable and start hitting green relatively reliably. This gives you a bit of a boost that may come in handy. Consider putting vibration on to feel the shots, and change Shot Timing to Shots only. Leave all the other stuff alone.

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