NBA 2K22 Fast & Easy Earn VC Methods

In this topic, we will tell you how to earn VC fast and easy in NBA 2K22. What is described in this title is not cheating. The guide on how to earn the fastest VC points in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 Fast and Easy Earn VC Methods

VC or Virtual Currency as it’s called in NBA 2K22 is what everybody is grinding for in My Career and My Team modes. This currency allows you to not only build up your My Player, but also allows you to purchase card packs to build out your team in My Team. So the questions that all NBA 2K players will run into at one time or another is how to get VC fast and easy. Some methods are definitely better than others, but this guide will explain some of the fastest and easiest ways to get VC in NBA 2K22.

Complete Quests For VC

NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC
NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC

The My Career  journey in NBA 2K22 is full of quests.  Each time you complete one, from the smallest tasks to the biggest is a chance to earn VC.   You can check your quests in the pause menu.  There are Career Quests to complete, Sponsorship Quests, Season Quests, City Quests with Daily Challenges, and City MVP Quests.

If VC is your target, try to focus on the quests that will reward you with VC.  Digging into the Quests menu will show you which challenges will offer VC and which ones won’t.

Check the Quests Journal for Challenges

NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC
NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC

Some Challenges have a time constraint on them.  Make sure to complete these quests if they offer VC.  If you don’t they will expire.

Claim Daily Reward

NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC
NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC

Every day there will be a daily reward waiting for you to collect.  Simply pull up the map to find the reward location, head there and then interact to get your reward.

Ante Up For VC Grind

If you’re good at 2K22 gambling is always going to be the way where you can make the most VC the fastest way possible. You can do this now on the Ante Up Courts. These courts allow players to bet a set amount of VC before the games. These matches are played on indoor courts in The City. The inside of the Ante Building resembles a casino in terms of aesthetic and like a casino, you’ve got a very real chance of losing your VC just as much as you do winning more.

My Career Mode VC Methods

NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC
NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC

Focusing on your career in the NBA is one of the fastest ways to just organically level up your character.  Along the way you’ll complete a myriad of different challenges without really even thinking about it and you’ll be racking up VC in the process. Instead of sitting in Pro-Am, Betting in Ante Up, and other methods… Career Mode allows you to experience this mode in the way that it was designed to be.  There’s a lot of stuff in your Career path that will earn you VC:

Playing your League Games

Like the Rec Games and the Pro Am Games you’ll earn plenty of VC for playing in your NBA games.  Even if you’re riding the bench you’ll get something in terms of VC for your time.

Get Endorsements

Picking the right endorsements will allow you to passively earn VC throughout your time in My Career.

Make sure you play well in the games you play

Above all else you need to try and play well.  Not only will it progress your career but the better you get the more VC you’ll earn.  It’s a snowball that once you push down the hill things start to get a little easier.  The early hump of the game when you’re a level 60 is the hardest.  While it does get a little long on the road to 99, being a lowly 60 with low attributes is a harrowing process.  The better you try to play, the faster you’ll get VC that you can spend to make your player better.

Answer 2K TV Triva Questions

NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC
NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC

If you watch 2K TV Triva Questions will pop up from time to time.  Answering them correctly will get you a special VC reward.

Other NBA 2K22 Easy and Fast Ways to Earn VC

First and foremost, there are various in-game methods that can be used to earn quick VC. Like every free-to-play game, NBA 2K22 allows players to buy virtual currency using real money. However, for gamers who do not want to spend their hard-earned cash, a range of in-game activities can be performed to gain VC.

  • The most obvious method to earn extra VC would be to spend time playing PRO Am games in NBA 2K22. To do so, players need to either have to join a 3 or 5-member team, or create their own and recruit others.
  • The PRO Am mode in NBA 2K22 allows players to engage in 3V3 or 5V5 matches with even participation also leading to the earning of large amounts of VC.
  • Secondly, with the increase in realism and a range of new activities that players can indulge in, including aimlessly walking around the all new city, players can also use complete quests in order to earn extra VC. Various sponsorship quests, season quests and city MVP Quests can easily be completed to earn Virtual Currency.
  • The game’s quest board allows players to see the challenges and quests that they can complete in addition to the potential earnings in VC. Of course, the quests board will also have a range of daily quests that will be updated every day.
  • NBA 2K22 includes “Ante Up” courts where players can even bet on upcoming and ongoing in-game matches. Of course, while gambling is a possibility, it also involves a huge amount of risk and players might end up losing VC.
  • Regardless, the easiest way to earn VC in NBA 2K22 is simply by logging in everyday to collect the daily log-in reward. In order to do so, players will have to interact at the reward locations for that particular day.
  • Grinding in different game-modes such as The Rec and MyTeam mode is also another effective way of earning VC, with each game mode having its own specific rewards.
  • The MyTeam and MyNBA game mode allows various in-game decisions to influence the amount of VC players will be able to earn, and spending a few hours playing the game everyday should allow players to accumulate large amounts of VC.

Finally, as the game has only recently been released, a range of featured NBA athletes have also put out Twitter posts hosting giveaways, with the official NBA Twitter profile also posting information about various giveaways of VC in recent days.

NBA 2K22 Fast and Easy Earn VC Methods
NBA 2K22 Fast and Easy Earn VC Methods
NBA 2K22 Fast and Easy Earn VC Methods

Best and Fastest Ways to Earn Vc in NBA2K22

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