Neversong – Speed Demon Achievement

Speed Demon Achievement

Before We Get Started

The first thing you will need to get this achievement is the songs from beating the bosses in your first play through of the game. The songs will allow you to start with all of the gear. Bat, Board, Gloves and most importantly your Umbrella.

Song List (If this is your first play through I suggest you dont use these as it will ruin your experience)

  • C G C G B
  • B C D A E
  • B B D E A
  • A G F E D

The second thing you need is to learn how to Umbrella Boost as normal movement will not allow you to reach the goal of completion under 1 hour.

The final thing you need is a planned path to take, I will be sharing mine and I will start off by saying it may not be the fastest route but it worked for me so im sharing it. Ive tried different ways to skip bosses but it appears as though you cannot enter the final boss without obtaining all the songs during a play through by beating ALL bosses plus the song in Red Wind village.

The Umbrella Boost

If you are on your skateboard and jump then pull out your umbrella while holding a direction, you get a nice speed boost forwards. You also get epic boosts off hanging orange bombs by swinging fast, releasing and then quickly opening your Umbrella but I will explain the skateboard one more detailed below.

How to:

  • Be on a skateboard (B default) *Moving or still, does not matter
  • Jump (A default)
  • Hold a direction left or right and Jump again to pull out the umbrella

You can also maintain or increase your speed by landing on the skateboard and repeating the trick again.

The Run (Part 1)

  • After you wake up the first thing you do is play the 4 songs and grab all of your gear. Grab the top ones first then the bottom ones and right away you can start Umbrella boosting to get out of attic and skateboard down the stairs.
  • Once leaving the house head east, the second you hit the flat concrete you can again start Umbrella boosting through town.
  • Stop at the last house before the waterfalls, enter the house and grab the song.
  • Once leaving the house head east, smash through the boxes.
    – Leave Red Wind village

-Enter Red Wind field

  • Get Bird out of her cage.
  • Stop at Simeon stuck in the pipe, talk to him and he will ask you to grab a needle to pop him, continue east.
  • Once you enter the next frame your first chance to use Umbrella Boost with the hanging orange bomb comes up, USE IT.
  • Boost over to the GAP where you can fall using the above mentioned bomb, im sure its possible to make it over the gap in one shot from there but if needed use more bombs + Umbrella Boost to skip past the enemies and traverse faster.
  • IGNORE THE NEEDLE that Simeon asked you to grab for now. (DO NOT pick it up)
    -Leave Red Wind field

-Enter Neverwood Cemetery

  • Use the first bomb to boost up on the ledge and enter the room with Gomtoddler.
  • After his text kill the 4 baddies in the room to unlock the next room.
  • In the next room start off by jumping on the wooden crate to the moving platform then to the area where the fireplace is.
  • Kill the baddies in that area as they can be rather annoying to deal with in the future and carry on east to the cut scene with Mr. Smile.
  • Continue east and jump on the bookshelf in the area with baddies and jump to the ledge on the west side.
  • Heading west now you are back in the area where the boss is but above him, smash the cage containing the grown up.
  • Swing across the gap to the ledge and continue to the lever platform above the fireplace.
  • Hit the lever on the platform and go up.
  • Head into the hut on the west side, speak with Gomgirlssa and get the quest for the nails.
  • Leaving Gomgirlssa hut head east BUT JUST WALK OFF THE PLATFORM. (Trust me fam)
  • Hit the lever on the platform and when it tosses you up grab the bomb and boost over to the ledge on the east side.
  • In this room you will have to kill the 3 baddies that try to fart on you to proceed.
  • Once in the treehouse, go up and grab the nails, head back to Gomgirlssa and give her the nails then head back to where you got the nails from.
  • You will now use the bomb to blow up the blocks and once that is done go smash the cage containing the grown up.
  • After leaving the treehouse heading west you want to head east as soon as possible so I jump off the first ledge you come to and pull out my Umbrella and glide east. You should land near the first grown up that you smashed.
  • Get up to the area where the tombstones and wooden crate is, smash the wooden crate.
  • Jump up and cut off the bomb and use it to blow up the blocks.
  • In this next area there is nothing special I do except for kill the baddie that is up top near the cage because he can really mess up the bomb placement. Anyway do this room how you want and smash the cage containing the grown up.
  • Go back where the boss is, use the first bomb to boost towards the boss area.
  • Beat the boss, grab his song, avoid touching his head that falls. (sometimes a bug happens)
    -Leave Neverwood Cemetery

-Enter Red Wind field

  • Jump across the gap (you can umbrella boost off the wooden crate) and grab the needle that Simeon asked you to grab at the very beginning and use the bomb to boost to the west.
  • If you boosted well you will zoom right into the next area where you have to fight in order to proceed.
  • Kill all dem baddies in that room and proceed west.
  • Talk to Simeon and go down the tube.
    -Leave Red Wind field

-Enter the Spiderian sewer

  • Head east, break the wooden crate and kill the baddies.
  • Head west, in the next room lower the elevator.
  • Once you hit the next elevator go down and then hit the lever to fling yourself up to the top right corner and follow the small passage. At the end hit the lever on the ceiling to flush the water below.
  • Head west again and back down the elevator.
  • The next elevator move down to cover the water.
  • Continuing on, you are greeted by Mr. Smile again for another cut scene.
  • Once you see Simeon and the boss start rolling him west.
  • Roll him through the sand and up the elevator.
  • Roll him east through the sludge and up against the back of the vehicle.
  • Jump on him and use the elevator to go down and hit the switch that opens the rear of the vehicle.
  • Jump down and lower the elevator to cover the water.
  • Head back up and push Simeon down.
  • Roll Simeon east and kill the baddies and wooden crates.
  • Roll Simeon onto the elevator and bounce up and over to the elevator.
  • Go down the elevator and hit the lever that opens the pathway.
  • Go back up and bring the elevator down that Simeon is on.
  • Roll him west and on the second elevator fling him up into the spider eggs.
  • Proceed west to the boss fight.
  • Beat the boss, grab her song, avoid touching her head that falls. (sometimes a bug happens)
    ***Easiest way to beat her ive found is just stay in the far west side against the wall and only come out to attack her or defend yourself against spiders.
    -Leave the Spiderian sewer

-Enter Red Wind field

  • Head west.
    -Leave Red Wind field

-Enter Red Wind village

  • Head west, maximize your Umbrella boosts to whip through town. (stay low, 2nd level has grass and you cant boost)
    -Leave Red Wind village

The Run (Part 2)

-Enter the Booty Bum marsh

  • Skateboard down the ramp and hit the markers to proceed.
  • Enter Booty Bum Power Co. and speak with Skunky.
  • When Skunky says he can breath now that his dad is dead you must ask “How so?” followed by “Please” when he says he didnt say he would turn on the power.
  • Leave the Power Co. and head west, talk to Granny and continue west.
  • Jump over the two pillars and talk to Preston.
  • West into the next room you must kill all the baddies to proceed.
  • In the next room cut the bomb down and roll it east to blow up the blocked pathway. (gotta do it twice)
  • Skateboard down EAST hitting the blue markers to unlock the ramp to the bombs.
  • Smash the tall grass at the lip of the ramp if you dont get launched up properly.
  • Swing over to Preston on the bombs and speak with him.
  • Head west.
  • Defeat all the baddies at the water tower and continue on.
  • In the next room break the orange rocks on the ground first, then smash the blue markers.
  • Kill the baddies in this area and the next area west.
  • Go back to the previous room with the hanging bombs and swing up to the east and cut the bomb.
  • Using your skateboard, push the bomb west to the block and blow it up.
  • Go back to the previous room and catch some speed off the first drop on the skateboard to open the gold markers.
  • Grab Punky’s Speak-N-Say and head east to the water tower. (There is a great spot for umbrella boost here on the ground its solid yellow right after grabbing the item and heading back east)
  • Once at the water tower, smash the Speak-N-Say 7 times.
  • Go on up.
  • Once inside grab the golden key and speak with Mr. Smile.
  • After leaving the water tower head east.
    ■Leaving the Booty Bum marsh

■Enter Red Wind village
Enter the house with the golden padlock. (You can do an Umbrella Boost jump up from the 1st floor or just go to the waterfalls and back across)
Read the book on the far east side table until you discover Collin’s name.
Jump on the bed and go into the attic and head west.
Go down and speak with Soyler, the first time she says nothing for you, the second time you speak with her she will ask for your full name. Collin James Coy

Now we have the location for Sugar Blasters so leave the hangout and cut the bomb down right outside.
Roll the bomb east till you get to the thing in front of the waterfalls and blow that sucker up.
Grab the Sugar Blasters and head west.
-Leaving Red Wind village

-Enter Booty Bum marsh

  • Head west and go into Booty Power Co., speak with Skunky, hit the lever.
  • Once outside again head west.
  • Grab Grannys song that she coughs up and head east back to the Booty Power Co. (just load the screen) then west back to Granny.
  • Beat the boss, grab her song, avoid touching her head that falls. (sometimes a bug happens)
  • Head west BELOW Preston on the 1st level.
  • Ignore the baddies and move through till you get back to the bomb with an X.
  • Solve the golden marker puzzle and proceed.
    -Leaving Booty Bum marsh

-Enter Blackfork

  • Head west to the asylum as quick as possible, excellent area for some great Umbrella Boosting.
  • Enter the asylum, go through the strange 3x room thingy.
    -Leaving Blackfork

-Enter Blackfork Asylum

  • Jump up the staircase and enter the secret door combination.
  • Beat the boss, grab his song, avoid touching his head that falls. (sometimes a bug happens)
  • Watch the cut scene, youre not finished yet.

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