Out There Oceans of Time Ship Managing Guide

Welcome to our Out There Oceans of Time Ship Managing Guide. A beginner’s guide and overview to the many systems and mechanics you will encounter throughout your journey, with some additional reference material.

Out There Oceans of Time Ship Managing Guide

Managing The Ship, Ship Stats and Utilities , Disassembly and much moreā€¦

Managing The Ship

Any time except during an Expedition, you can view your ship, which can be accessed through the Cargo View. This will be your main hub for managing resources you gather, the equipment on your ship, and the crew you have available.

Storage and Equipment

Cargo View is where you will manage a lot of your resources to gather resources and improve your ship. Each of these is handled on a square segment called a slot. There are three types of slot on the ship:

Out There Oceans of Time Ship Managing Guide
Out There Oceans of Time Ship Managing Guide

The type of equipment slot determines what can be placed into the slot. If the slot is currently empty, it can also be converted into a different type of module, using a small amount of resources.

The total number of slots available will be determined by the type of ship you have.

Disassembly – Out There Oceans of Time Ship Managing Guide

If you do not wish to use a module anymore, you can disassemble it. Doing so returns some of the resources originally used to create the module. This can also be done on abandoned ships you find in the galaxy.

If you wish to dispose of a resource that you do not want, you can click and drag the resource out of the edge of the ship. You will gain nothing for doing this but can free up a slot for other use.

Fixing Equipment

Fixing Equipment
Fixing Equipment

Technologies and Modules can become damaged particularly through use. When damaged, the Technology or Module becomes unusable, however it can still be dismantled or repaired.

To repair a module, you will require a small amount of the materials originally required to construct it, or by using Omega. For most basic technologies this will require Iron, but other modules may need rarer resources.

You can also choose to disassemble the equipment. This will give less resources than disassembling when it is in full working condition, but will free up a slot. This is particularly useful if you cannot repair it and wish to use the slot for something else.

Ship Stats and Utilities – Out There Oceans of Time Ship Managing Guide

The ship comes with a set of basic utilities to uphold, these are always visible when viewing the ship, local solar system, or galaxy.

Out There Oceans of Time Ship Stats , Utilities
Out There Oceans of Time Ship Stats , Utilities

Fuel, Oxygen, and Hull:

These three are all essential systems of the ship. If at any time you run out of these, your journey will be over and you must return to your last save. Even if you do not have enough of any of these three utilities to make the next jump, you have a 50% chance to survive the journey, in hopes of finding a means of survival, but it is a gamble every time you attempt this. You must stay on top of these three if your journey is to survive.


Unlike the other three, this is non-essential, and you can have zero
Morale without immediate consequences. However, when your Morale is low, some crew will not go on expeditions.

  • At 40% Morale, 1 crew member will be demotivated.
  • At 20% Morale, 2 crew members will be demotivated.

Demotivated crew will refuse to go on expeditions. Additionally, when you next visit a Civil planet, they will immediately resign. Less crew on expeditions means more dangers and lower rewards, while resigning crew means you will get less benefits from their learned skills over time. If you wish to have the greatest success, you will benefit from keeping a good Morale.

Ship Stats

Every ship comes with a set of stats determined by the ship and its equipment on-board. These stats determine its efficiency at handling each of its conditions, and its capacity for equipment, resources, and crew.

Out There Oceans of Time Ship Stats
Out There Oceans of Time Ship Stats

Every variety of ship comes with a base value for Performance, Ecosystem, Resistance, Comfort, and Slots. Some may be more fuel efficient, some may be very comfortable for the crew.

Each stat can also be improved through the use of additional Technologies and Modules or the assignment of Crew to a task.

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