Pacify Woods Update Guide

Welcome to our Pacify Woods Update Guide ! We have prepared all details for you. We will update it again, follow us!

Pacify Woods Update Guide

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Pacify Update

When you first enter, to the left and right will be places to obtain shears for the roses on the trees. There’s one pair to the left on a wood table, two on the wooden wheelbarrows and one in the shed on the right. Have everyone on your team get one and then use these to get a rose for protection. The roses operate the way pacify dolls do, as the witch can take them in exchange for not killing you but you can always obtain another.

After this, go inside the house and look for witch hair on any of the tables and upstairs bathrooms. Through searching the house, you’re likely to find two keys: the gate and the house key. The gate key will be needed to unlock and free the puppies to the left of the house, and the house key will be needed to unlock the cellar in the back room to the right on the first floor.

When you have witch hair and the keys, go to the left where the puppy gate is to free them. You can then interact with the puppies to get a tail. From here, go behind the house into the cemetery and pick up a twig doll. Be warned, you will be chased by the shadows of the children. If they catch you, you won’t die, but you’ll be stunned for a moment and your doll will be taken. You can tell they’re close when you hear the creaking of a tree.

Now you can go to the back right room and enter the cellar with the house key. Opening this will free the witch. There will be potions downstairs that can turn you into a creature, make you invisible, or make you faster. These are mostly useful in late game when you’re running from the witch. At the very end of the cellar tunnel is a well. Interact with it when you have everything in hand (hair, tail, and doll) and the doll will become enchanted. When it rises to the surface, pick it up and interact with one of the spikes on the wall to the right. Do this 9 times and it’ll kill the witch. She will be upstairs in the toy room.


Since you’ll be chased when you pick up a doll, it’s advised to get the hair and tails and open all necessary doors before obtaining the doll.

On occasion, especially towards the end, the witch will slam and lock doors leading outside. If you have the house key, these can easily be opened.

A constant obstacle throughout the game will be sliding chairs and tables to block your path. They aren’t a sign of anything ex. being chased, but they’re a nuisance nonetheless.

You can’t always outrun the witch, but if your flashlight flickers run the opposite direction. This is a sign that she’s close behind. If it continues flickering and you hear a gurgle and your screen goes red, she took your rose. Find another one as soon as possible.

If you’re attacked without a rose, you’re then turned into a rat and will drop all shears and keys on your person. There’s two paths to the right of the house, the right one will lead to the place with the shed where you got shears at the start of the game, and the left one will lead to the Purify Lake where you jump in as a rat to revive yourself. There’s also a path to the right of the graveyard that will lead to it as well. This lake can also be used at the end of the game for a secret ending.

If you want the lore related achievement, there’s 15 notes. Note: The developer had mentioned in a comment on a discussion post about the lore achievement that it wasn’t firing correctly and therefore wouldn’t give you the achievement even if you had read them all, but this would be fixed in a future update. An update went out today, so it should be fixed now! If not, reach out to the developer.

Good luck!

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