Paleo Pines Ancient Tablet Locations (3/3)

There are Ancient Tablets hidden in various places in the world of Paleo Pines. There are a total of 3 ancient tablets and 20 Ancient Tablet Fragments all around the map. In this Paleo Pines guide, we explained the location of 3 Ancient Tablets and how to obtain this tablet.

Paleo Pines Ancient Tablet Locations

There are two of the tablets located in Veridian Valley. The other tablet is in Ariacotta Canyon, below are the locations and the steps you need to take to get the ancient tablets.

Veridian Valley Ancient Tablet #1

To obtain the first Ancient Relic in Veridian Valley, you’ll need the Slasher & Stomper Dinosaur. If you don’t have this dinosaur, you won’t be able to overcome the obstacle here and obtain the tablet.

Veridian Valley Ancient Tablet #2

In Pale Pines within Veridian Valley, you can find another ancient tablet. You can only see this second ancient tablet during the jurassos and cretumnus seasons. If you are in the jurassos and cretumnus seasons, you can obtain the tablet by going to the location below.

Ariacotta Canyon Ancient Tablet Location

The last ancient tablet in the game is hidden in Ariacotta Canyon. You don’t need to do anything extra to get this ancient tablet, just go to the location shown and it’s yours!

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