Palworld Azurobe Locations

Locate Azurobe and learn how to defeat it in Palworld with step-by-step guidance provided in our comprehensive guide.

This guide will show you Azurobe’s location and how to kill it in Palworld.

Azurobe Locations in Palworld

Palworld’s enchanting landscapes are not without their challenges, and one formidable opponent that players encounter is Azurobe, a captivating level 17 water dragon. In this guide, we’ll navigate the azure depths together, providing insights into Azurobe’s abilities, its location, and strategies to emerge victorious in battle.

Who is Azurobe

Azurobe, the level 17 water dragon, presents a thrilling challenge for players. Equipped with the special ability “Waterwing Dance,” Azurobe not only serves as a ride across water but also enhances the player’s attacks with Water damage. Understanding its moves, including Bubble Blast, Dragon Cannon, and Aqua Gun, is crucial for a successful confrontation.

Where to Find Azurobe

  • Location: Head to the northern region of the Tower Ruins teleport statue, precisely at coordinates -53, -386.
  • Tip for Finding Azurobe: Move swiftly and target the boss in shallower lake areas. Engaging becomes challenging in deeper waters.

How to Beat Azurobe

Bubble Blast Defense:

  • Strategy: Evade Azurobe’s potent Bubble Blast attack by skillfully navigating its movements.
  • Tip: Shoot at the Bubble Blast bubbles before they reach you for added safety.

Damage Resistance:

  • Element Consideration: Azurobe deals Dragon/Water damage.
  • Strategy: Equip a pal with resistance to these elements. Electric/Dark damage can provide a significant advantage in the battle.

Weapon Selection:

  • Optimal Choice: Choose a Crossbow/Poison Crossbow for maximum combat effectiveness against Azurobe.

Tips for Success

Swift Engagement

  • Move quickly and engage Azurobe while it is in shallower parts of the lake.

Deeper Water Challenges

  • Be cautious when Azurobe retreats to deeper waters, as it poses increased difficulty.

Pal Selection:

  • Choose Pals with specific resistances and elemental advantages for a more strategic approach.

Bubble Blast Precautions

  • Proactively shoot at Bubble Blast bubbles to mitigate incoming damage.

Navigating the azure depths of Palworld to locate and conquer Azurobe requires strategic planning and effective combat techniques. Equip yourself with the knowledge of its abilities, choose the right resistances, and opt for optimal weapons to emerge victorious against this formidable water dragon. May your journey through Palworld’s challenges be both thrilling and triumphant!

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