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Palworld – Best Base Locations

Best base locations in Palworld.

Your quest to find the best base locations in Palworld will come to an end here. Because we’re here to provide you with the best spots in the game where you might want to set up your base. Abandoned castles, lands brimming with resources, or natural wonders – the choice is yours.

Palworld Base Building Guide: Best Locations, Tips, and Strategies

Welcome to Palworld, where strategic base building is crucial for your survival and success. In this guide, we’ll explore the best base locations for farming materials, expanding structures efficiently, and securing your base against raids. Whether you’re a beginner looking for the ideal starter base or an experienced player aiming to maximize ore farming, we’ve got you covered.

How to Build Base

Building a solid base is crucial for survival in Palworld’s untamed lands of Palpagos Island. The key to establishing your territory lies in crafting the essential Palbox. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process seamlessly.

Palbox for Base Building

Crafting the Palbox

The Palbox serves as the central hub of your base, providing both a designated building area and storage for unassigned Pals. To construct a Palbox, gather the following basic materials:

  • 1 Paldium Fragment
  • 8 pieces of Wood
  • 3 pieces of Stone

These items can be found on the ground or in larger quantities from rocks, trees, and deposits scattered across Palworld.

Building Your Base

  1. Access the Build Menu: Enter the build menu and navigate to the “Pal” section.
  2. Select the Palbox: Use the wheel to highlight the Palbox within the menu.
  3. Choose a Location: Pick a spot for your base, keeping in mind the Palbox will serve as the central point, creating a ring around it. Opt for flat terrain for easier construction and consider locations with rock and tree spawns. This ensures your Pals can automatically gather wood and stone.
  4. Defensive Considerations: Select a location that’s not only suitable for construction but also easy to defend. Expect raids from wild Pals or humans. Assign Pals to defensive duties to enhance your base’s security.

How to Get More Bases

Unlock an extra Buildable Base Slot by reaching Base Level 10. Achieve this by completing Base Missions accessible through the V key on a Pal Box. Expand your empire by establishing additional bases and Pal Boxes.

Tips for Success

  • Flat Terrain is Ideal: Choose a location with ample flat land to simplify construction and aid your Pals in navigation.
  • Resource-Rich Areas: Opt for spots with frequent rock and tree spawns for automatic resource gathering.
  • Defensive Strategy: Be prepared for enemy raids by selecting a location that’s easy to defend. Assign Pals to defensive roles for added security.

Best Base Locations

Below we have listed the best locations to set up your top in the world of Palword. We also explain what advantages you will get in the region you choose.

Best First Starter Base

Plateau of Beginnings: The Plateau of Beginnings offers an excellent starting location for your base. Its vast area provides strategic choke points for defending against raids. Additionally, the surrounding area is rich in Pals, allowing you to gather essential materials and food to kickstart your journey.

Best Ore Farming Base

Near Small Settlement: For those seeking valuable ores, head southwest of the Small Settlement. Here, you’ll find seven ore nodes that your Pals can mine. Build your base in this location and assign Pals with Mining Work Suitability to efficiently gather ore deposits needed for crafting high-tech items.

Natural Base

Located northwest of the starting point, the flat area in the center of the autumn-themed region offers a unique visual experience with its orange and red color palette.

While it may not be the most strategically advantageous, this region provides a decent amount of resource nodes, including Stones, Ores, and numerous trees.

Keep in mind that the flat, open expanse makes you vulnerable to attacks from any angle during Raids. However, if you appreciate the aesthetics, this might be the perfect base location for you.

Abandoned Castle

Abandoned Castle Base Location

Head northwest of the starting area to find the Fort Ruins, an abandoned fort that can be repurposed into a highly defensible base.

Build structures to cover the fort’s holes and make it your own. The stone walls of the fort are indestructible, ensuring a secure environment.

While you can’t break any of the fort’s structures, the area offers a good amount of gatherable resources and friendly Pals. Expand your base to cover both upper and lower levels for a unique and safe space.

Ruined Fortress City

Ruined Fortress City Base Location

Located far to the west, the Ruined Fortress City requires a considerable journey, possibly with a flying Pal. However, the rewards are immense.

Enjoy a massive and highly defensible area, making it an ideal choice for co-op multiplayer. Players can establish separate bases within the city, providing each member with their own space.

While the distance might be a drawback, the Ruined Fortress City offers unparalleled grandeur and strategic advantages for those willing to embark on the journey.

Base Relocation

Moving your base in Palworld is a cinch when you know the ropes. Whether you’re after a change of scenery or seeking strategic advantages, here’s a straightforward guide to help you relocate your base efficiently:

1. Disassemble Base-Exclusive Structures:

  • Initiate the process by entering Build Mode (press B), then switch to disassembly mode (press C).
  • To get a full refund on structures, disassemble any buildings tied to your current base. Use the Left Mouse button to deconstruct and retrieve materials.

2. Disassemble the Pal Box:

  • If you’ve run out of Buildable Base Slots, start by disassembling the Pal Box linked to your current base.
  • Important Note: Disassembling a Pal Box also destroys any structures tied to that base, so be sure to take apart all base-exclusive structures beforehand.

3. Build the New Base:

  • With the space cleared, it’s time to construct your new base. Pick a suitable location and use the materials you’ve gathered to build the foundation of your next Palworld haven.

4. Move Stored Items to the New Base:

  • Once your new base is up, transfer stored items from the old base to the new one. This ensures a seamless transition, allowing you to resume your adventures without missing a beat.

By following these steps, you’ll be a pro at moving bases in Palworld, ensuring that your gaming experience remains uninterrupted.

Finding Best Spot for Base Building

Consider the following factors when selecting a base location:

  • Gathering Points: Identify areas where Pals can farm multiple important materials.
  • Area with No Fast Travel: Build bases in locations with no close fast travel points, making your base a convenient travel point.
  • Open Area: Ensure your chosen spot allows ample space for building various structures as you progress in the game.
  • Choke Points: Strategically use choke points to defend against raids, controlling the enemy’s access to your structures.
  • Surrounding Pals: Build in areas where Pals with crucial materials spawn, facilitating easy hunting and material transfer.

Palworld diverse landscapes offer numerous opportunities for base building. By choosing the right locations and following strategic tips.

Choosing the right base location in Palworld is crucial for a successful and enjoyable gameplay experience. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, defense, or strategic advantages, these three locations offer a variety of options to suit your playstyle. Explore, build, and conquer the Palworld with your chosen base location!

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