Palworld: Best Weapons & Recipes

Discover Palworld weapons and crafting recipes. Craft any weapon with listed components and check our best weapons list.

We’re sharing all weapons and crafting recipes in Palworld. You can craft any weapon using the listed components. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of the best weapons for early game use.

Some weapons may have special controls, so pay attention. Also, after using your weapons for a while, their durability will decrease. Don’t forget to repair them.

Weapons & Recipes

Palworld Weapons

For the tech-savvy Pal hunters, here’s a comprehensive list of weapons and their crafting recipes. Ensure you’re well-equipped for any encounter.

Best Weapons for Early Game

In the early game, your options might seem primitive, but fear not, they get the job done. Here’s a quick rundown of the best Palworld weapons for your initial ventures:

  • Melee: Sword
  • Rifle: Assault Rifle
  • Pistol: Handgun
  • Shotgun: Pump-Action Shotgun
  • Explosive: Rocket Launcher
  • Bow: Three Shot Bow

While starting, consider equipping yourself with a Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, and an Old Bow for your first foray into Palworld. Axes and Pickaxes are crucial for resource gathering, and the Old Bow serves as your initial ranged weapon.

Best Weapon for Early Game in Palworld

Triple Shot Bow Strategy

For an early-game ranged weapon, focus on the Three Shot Bow. It fires three arrows at once for the cost of one, offering efficient damage output. This trusty bow keeps you in the game until you can start crafting guns at Technology Level 21.

Using Pals Instead of Weapon

Using Pals Instead of Weapon

In Palworld, your Pals can be more than just adorable companions. Some have unique abilities, turning them into formidable weapons:

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