Palworld Dungeon and Ore Map

Effortlessly locate ores and dungeons in the game with the help of our map guide, providing convenient navigation for your gaming experience.

Thanks to the map in this guide, you will be able to easily find ores and dungeons in the game.

This guide was prepared by a small rabbit. You can reach the author and support his guide from the link here.

Dungeon and Ore Map

Quick and dirty map of where to find some of the dungeons i started to keep track of and also concentrated ore spots (7+ ore nodes in one area) for your ingot needs.


Definitely missing dungeons, i wasn’t intending on tracking them as i explored originally. So far these are all the good high density ore spots i’ve found (7+ nodes in a small area). Might add screenshots of each spot later.

  • 1-3 are pretty beginner friendly.
  • 4-5 are level 10-15ish areas
  • 6-9 are level 15-25ish areas
  • 10-12 are level 20-30ish areas

Stars are Merchat/Pal Merchant pairs

Ore Spots

1. (156, -394) NE of First Tower

2. (73, -405) Church West of First Tower

3. (9, -529) SW of First Tower, tip of island

4. (-256, -360) Cliff Top east of Volcano Island

5. (-76, -318) Right under Beakon boss

6.(92, -263) NW of the blue/red area

7. (-342, -253) N of blue/red area

8. (-33, -168) Northwestish tip of Central Island (skill tree nearby also)

9. (5, -84) North end of Upper Central Island

10. (268, -226) On top of Giant Stone Arch

11. (252, -93) West of Jormuntide boss, pillar with coal nearby to the west

12. (189, -38) Amazing spot on cliff with BOTH Ore and Coal but not very flat, gorgeous area

13. (313, -36) Clifftop lake and waterfall, more flat then previous, coal nearby too

14. (203, 98) North of Snowy Lake, cluster of Pure Quartz

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