Palworld How to Earn Technology Points

Maximize your technology points in Palworld by exploring our guide, providing essential insights and strategies for optimal point accumulation.

Check out our guide to learn how to earn more technology points in Palworld.

Technology Points

Technology Points serve as the primary means of progression in Palworld, allowing you to unlock various tools, structures, weapons, and utility items. The Technology menu is your gateway to advancing your capabilities, and spending Technology Points is essential for unlocking new elements in the game.

How to Earn Technology Points

Palworld, with its diverse gameplay mechanics involving Pals and survival crafting, presents an intriguing world where progress is driven by Technology Points. In this guide, we’ll delve into the significance of Technology Points, how they fuel your progression, and the best methods to earn more of them in Palworld.

Leveling Up:

  • Capture Different Pals: Leveling up your character is crucial, and capturing different Pals is a highly effective method. Achieve a substantial experience bonus by capturing 10 of the same Pal.
  • Mundane Tasks: Engage in various mundane tasks such as gathering and crafting to earn valuable experience points and level up.


  • Fast Travel Points: Explore the map and discover fast travel points scattered throughout the world. Unlocking each of these points awards you with one Technology Point, providing a valuable resource for acquiring new recipes.

Tips for Efficient Progression

Focus on Leveling:

  • Prioritize capturing different Pals to level up efficiently and unlock more advanced technologies.

Optimize Mundane Tasks:

  • Maximize experience gain by actively participating in gathering and crafting activities.

Explore Thoroughly:

  • Uncover fast travel points across the map to accumulate Technology Points and broaden your crafting options.

Strategic Pal Capture:

  • Strategically capture 10 of the same Pal to benefit from a significant experience bonus.

Understanding the significance of Technology Points is key to mastering Palworld’s progression system. By leveling up through Pal capture and exploration, you can amass these crucial points, unlocking a plethora of tools and structures. Follow the tips outlined in this guide to efficiently earn Technology Points and propel your crafting capabilities.

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