Palworld How to get Weapons

Acquire weapons in Palworld with ease by following detailed information outlined in our guide, simplifying the process for you.

Although it is a bit difficult to get weapons in Palworld, we have shown you detailed information on how to get them in this guide.

Unlock Weapons in Palworld

Dive into the whimsical world of Palworld, where creatures with guns roam the lands, offering an imaginative blend of Pokémon and firearm adventure. In this guide, we’ll unravel the mystery behind acquiring weapons in Palworld, ensuring you’re armed and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Unlocking the Ability to Craft Weapon

  1. Player Level 20 Milestone:
    • In the initial stages of Palworld, survival is your primary goal. Crafting guns becomes a crucial milestone, but you won’t achieve it immediately. The ability to craft guns unlocks when you reach player level 20.
  2. Blueprint for Weapon Workbench:
    • Upon reaching level 20, you’ll receive the blueprint for the Weapon Workbench. This crafting station is essential for creating the firearms needed to tackle challenging boss battles against formidable creatures known as Pals.

Crafting the Weapon Workbench

  1. Required Materials:
    • To craft the Weapon Workbench, gather the following materials:
      • 15 Ingot
      • 50 Wood
      • 10 Nails
  2. Crafting Milestone:
    • With the required materials in hand, craft the Weapon Workbench. This marks a significant milestone in your Palworld journey, granting you the ability to forge your own arsenal.

Equipping Pals with Weapons

  1. Unlocking Lifmunk’s Ability at Level 11:
    • While you gear up, don’t forget about your Pals. At player level 11, you unlock the Lifmunk’s ability called Lifmunk Recoil. To activate this ability, you must have already captured a Lifmunk, a green rodent-like creature.
  2. Novelty of Lifmunk Recoil:
    • Lifmunk Recoil allows you to command the Lifmunk to jump on your head and unleash a barrage of gunfire in the direction you’re pointing. While it’s a limited-use skill, it adds a unique and novel element to battles, embodying the concept of “Pokegun.”

Armed with this knowledge, venture forth into Palworld with the confidence that both you and your Pals are equipped for the adventure that awaits. Embrace the quirky combination of creatures and firearms, and may your journey be filled with excitement and successful battles!

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