Palworld How to Make Glider & Parachute

Explore islands and biomes with ease by crafting a parachute using the information provided in our comprehensive guide.

Using the information in this guide, you can make the parachute that will help you explore islands and biomes.

How to Make the Glider or Parachute

Palworld’s vast landscapes and diverse biomes beckon explorers to new heights. To conquer the skies and navigate the expansive terrains, you’ll need the essential tools at your disposal. This guide unveils the secrets to crafting the Glider, also known as the Parachute, in Palworld, allowing you to soar above and beyond.

Unlocking the Normal Parachute Device

To begin your journey into the skies, unlock the Normal Parachute device in the Technology menu. Keep in mind that this is a rank 5 tech item, requiring you to level up your character a bit before gaining access.

Make the Glider or Parachute

Accessing the Primitive Workbench:

Once the Normal Parachute device is unlocked, head to the Primitive Workbench to craft this essential tool. The Primitive Workbench is your crafting hub for various items in Palworld.

Required Resources:

Gather the following resources to craft the Normal Parachute:

  • 10x Wood: Easily obtained by cutting down trees or picking up resources from the ground.
  • 2x Cloth: Commonly dropped by Lamballs and other weaker creatures in the initial biome.

Soaring with the Normal Parachute

Once crafted, equip the Normal Parachute to unleash its unique functionality. While jumping or falling from a significant height, press and hold the jump button. The parachute will deploy, allowing you to glide safely to the ground. This proves invaluable for traversing gaps and wider expanses in the Palworld landscape.

Utilize your crafted Normal Parachute strategically to explore inaccessible areas and traverse wide gaps. Press and hold the jump button as you navigate the skies, ensuring a controlled descent.

With the Glider at your disposal, expand your exploration horizons in Palworld. Soar across islands and biomes with ease, discovering new landscapes and uncovering hidden treasures.

May your exploration be boundless, and your descents be graceful as you soar through the enchanting world of Palworld. Happy crafting!

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