Palworld Controls

Palworld: Keybinds & Controls

Palworld Controls and Keybinds!

In our Palworld control and keybinds guide, we covered two different options. The first one is for the keyboard, and the second is for the controller pad. If you prefer, you can also play the game with a controller; Palworld supports this. Take a look at our guide to easily set up the controls for both devices, and don’t forget to save the default keybinds.

Palworld: Controls and Keybinds

In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up and customize controls for both the keyboard and controller. You can also prevent wasting time in the game by constantly looking at this Keybinds visual.

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Adjusting Controls

Before entering the game, decide whether you will play with the Controller pad or the Keyboard. Whichever device is connected to it, specific assignments will be made in the settings. If you do not make any settings, Default controls and keybinds will be active. You can see the Default control settings below

Keyboard Controls

Palworld Keyboard Controls
Default Keyboard Keybinds. Screenshot by Naguide

Now, let’s explore the default keyboard controls for Palworld:

  • Move (Front): W
  • Move (Back): S
  • Move (Left): A
  • Move (Right): D
  • Jump: Space
  • Summon Pal/Ride Skill 2: E
  • Throw Pal Sphere: Q
  • Partner Skill: F
  • Crouch/Slide/Ride Skill 3: C
  • Reload: R
  • Roll: Ctrl
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Change Pal (Left): 1
  • Change Pal (Right): 3
  • Change Sphere: 2

Controller Pad Controls

Palworld Controller pad keybinds
Default Controller Keybinds. Screenshot by Naguide

For those using a Controller Pad, here are the default controls:

  • Jump: A
  • Summon Pal/Ride Skill 2: LB
  • Throw Pal Sphere: RB
  • Partner Skill/Reload: X
  • Roll/Crouch/Riding Skill 3: B
  • Sprint: LS
  • Change Pal (Left): Left
  • Change Pal (Right): Right
  • Change Sphere: Down
  • Pal Commands: RS
  • Change Weapon: Y
  • Aim: LT
  • Attack/Riding Skill 1: RT

Customizing Controls

If the default controls don’t suit your playstyle, don’t worry. Palworld allows you to customize them easily:

  1. Open the Controls tab in Settings.
  2. Choose Keyboard or Controller Pad.
  3. Click on the assigned control you want to change.
  4. Press the button you wish to use in the future.

Currently, all control settings in Palworld are as follows. You can easily complete your favorite keyboard or controller settings.

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