Palworld Skill Fruit Guide

Discover how to locate Skill Fruit Trees in Palworld and reap skill fruits in return with step-by-step guidance from our comprehensive guide.

You can learn how to find Skill Fruit Tree in Palworld and get skill fruits in return from this guide.

Skill Fruit Guide

In the diverse world of Palworld, Skill Fruits stand out as invaluable consumable items that grant active skills to your Pals. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about Skill Fruits, from obtaining them to using them effectively. Discover the locations of Skill Fruit Trees, how to acquire Skill Fruits, and the seamless process of imparting new skills to your Pals.

How to get Skill Fruits

Skill Fruits can be acquired from Skill Fruit Trees scattered across the Palworld map.

To obtain Skill Fruits, approach a Skill Fruit Tree, aim at the hanging fruits, and press the E key.

Skill Fruits obtained this way will spawn random Skill Fruits of any element.

Skill Fruit Tree Location

Access a nearby Skill Fruit Tree in the early game, located near the river northeast of the Grassy Behemoth Hills.

This easily accessible tree provides a convenient source of Skill Fruits for aspiring Pal trainers.

Using Skill Fruits

Skill Fruits are consumable items that remain in your inventory upon acquisition. To utilize a Skill Fruit, right-click on it in your inventory to open the menu.

Choose the Pal you want to impart the skill to from the menu.

There are no limitations on which active skills Pals can learn, offering a wide range of possibilities for skill development.

  • Experiment with different Skill Fruits to diversify the skill set of your Pals.
  • Strategically choose which Pal to impart a specific skill to, considering their abilities and roles.
  • Explore the map to find various Skill Fruit Trees, allowing you to gather an assortment of Skill Fruits for comprehensive skill development.

All Skill Fruit

Skill FruitRarityTypeSkill
Earth Skill Fruit: Sand TornadoRGroundSand Tornado
Ice Skill Fruit: Frost MissileUIceFrost Missile

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep an eye out for rare and unique Skill Fruits that may offer special and powerful skills for your Pals.
  • Regularly check Skill Fruit Trees in different regions for a continuous supply of Skill Fruits.

By mastering the art of acquiring and using Skill Fruits, you unlock endless possibilities for enhancing the abilities of your Pals in Palworld. Use this guide to navigate the Skill Fruit Trees, experiment with different skills, and empower your Pals to become formidable companions in your journey. With Skill Fruits, the path to creating a skilled and powerful Pal team is at your fingertips—seize it and elevate your Palworld adventure!

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