Palworld Ultrawide & Super Ultrawide FOV FIX

Adjust FOV in Palworld for ultra-wide and super ultra-wide monitor users with information provided in our comprehensive guide for an optimized gaming experience.

You can find information on how to adjust the FOV in Palworld for users of ultra-wide and super ultra-wide monitors in this guide.

FOV FIX for Ultrawide and Super Ultrawide

Palworld just came out in Early Access and the current maximum FOV of 90 for ultrawide and super ultrawide monitor users isn’t enough as the camera is still placed too close to the character.

Here is a workaround, in the meantime the devs might implement a proper fix or increased FOV slider.


Ensure you got all your video game settings setup as desired, because one change further down will prevent you to easily adjust on the fly later on.

Navigate to this folder: open a new Explorer window (Win + R) and copy/paste and enter:


Or manualy access the following folder:


Open this file:


Paste in this block of text at the bottom of the file:

  • Optional, required if the game is overriding the file and removing the two text lines:
  • Put the “Engine.ini” file on read-only by right clicking on it > “Properties” > check “Read-only” at the bottom > “Apply”

Save the file and reopen the game. At this point, you should be all set!

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