Palworld Where to find Traveling Merchant

Explore this Palworld Where to find Traveling Merchants guide for detailed information on locating Traveling Merchants in Palworld.

This guide will show you where to find Traveling Merchants with all the details.

Where to find Traveling Merchants

In the expansive world of Palworld, resource gathering, crafting, and progression are key aspects of gameplay. However, with a multitude of resources available, locating specific items can pose a challenge. Fortunately, Palworld features a network of merchants ready to barter and trade, providing players with the means to acquire what they need. This guide will lead you to the location of Traveling Merchants and shed light on the variety of offerings available in their shops.

Finding the Traveling Merchants Location

Head to a small settlement near the starting point of the game. Locate the settlement at coordinates 76, -488, positioned at the top of a mountain.

Reach the settlement by climbing or using the nearby bridge.

Small Settlement

Explore different buildings within the settlement to discover various types of merchants.

Types of Merchants in the Small Settlement:

Pal Merchant:

  • Buy and sell different Pals.
  • Stock can refresh after a certain amount of time.

Traveling Merchant:

  • Buy and sell different schematics and crafting materials.
  • Stock can refresh after a certain amount of time.

Utilizing Merchants to Your Advantage

Take advantage of the Pal Merchant to enhance your collection of Pals. Explore the offerings of the Traveling Merchant for schematics and crafting materials.

Regularly check the merchants’ stock, as it can refresh over time.

Fast Travel Tower Convenience:

  • Benefit from the nearby Fast Travel Tower for quick access to and from the settlement.
  • Use the tower to efficiently manage your visits to the merchants.

Maximizing Merchant Interaction:

  • Strategically plan your visits to the settlement to coincide with merchant stock refreshes.
  • Make informed decisions on purchases and sales to progress efficiently in Palworld.

Mastering the art of merchant interaction is crucial in Palworld, where resources and Pals are the keys to success. With this guide, you now know the precise location of the Traveling Merchants and the diverse offerings within the small settlement. Navigate Palworld with confidence, barter wisely, and utilize the resources provided by these merchants to overcome challenges and thrive in your Palworld adventure!

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