PERISH Codex Entries

In this guide we will tell you where to find all codex entries in PERISH.

PERISH Codex Entries

Welcome to our PERISH Codex Entries guide. In this guide we will tell you where to find all codex entries in PERISH.

I separated the game into 4 acts and zones.
Every “act” means a “Crown” that allows you to skip to this act. (If you equip First crown – you’ll enter act 2, second Crown – to act 3, etc).

For weapons entries – you’ll need to unlock them with Orphic Rites and buy them.

For some entries you need certain objectives on a map.
If you can’t find some entries, tell me which one, I have a video for any of them.

To restore Ponos sword – you need to collect all 6 artefacts and bring them to Hipparchia in the hub (she is on a “second floor”).

For Good ending – you need to complete the game ONLY with the default items: Ponos (restored) and Saltpetre Jar. All crowns and rings should be removed!!!

Acts, Zones and their Names

Pantheon (Hub and Tutorial area)

Act 1:
1.1 Orphic temple
1.2 Ruins of Necromanteion
1.3 Pyristaktos Ravine
1.4 Lair of the Kathorao – mini boss area
1.5 Ophion’s Labyrinth
1.6 The Ares Amphitheatre – main boss area

Act 2:
2.1 The Trajan Palace
2.2 The Forges of Hephaestus
2.3 The Treasury – boss area

Act 3:
3.1 Thalassian Fissure
3.2 Maelstorm of Charybdis
3.3 Limen of Karkinos – boss area

Act 4:
4.1 Charoun’s Harbour
4.2 Charon’s Crossing
4.3 Throne of King Minos – boss area
4.4 Tartaros/Elysium (Bad/Good endings)

CODEX: Enemies

1. Athanatoi – area 1.1 (Orphic temple)
2. Acolyte – area 1.2 (room full of traps) (Ruins of Necromanteion)
3. Minotauros – area 1.2 – go left from pile of corpses where you found artefact number 2 (room for minotaur and torch objectives) (Ruins of Necromanteion)
4. Erinyes – area 1.3 – check ballistas (Pyristaktos Ravine)
5. Kathorao – area 1.4 – after boss fight, near the exit, turn around (Lair of the Kathorao)
6. Pyr – area 1.4 after boss fight go forward, behind the mirror (Lair of the Kathorao)
7. Ophidian – area 1.5 (Ophion’s Labyrinth)
8. Lamia – area 1.5 (ONLY available when you building a bridge on the left side – “Find the Stelae” objective) (Ophion’s Labyrinth)
9. Python – area 1.5 (ONLY available when you building a bridge on the left side – “Find the Stelae” objective) (Ophion’s Labyrinth)
10. Kourai Khryseai – area 2.1, on a statue, room with torches as objective (The Trajan Palace)
11. Deimos – area 1.6, after boss, check stadium (The Ares Amphitheatre)
12. Phobos – area 1.6, after boss, check corners (The Ares Amphitheatre)
13. Forge Cyclops – area 2.2 – outside (The Forges of Hephaestus)
14. Talos – area 2.2 – inside, on a tube (ONLY when you building Talos as an objective) (The Forges of Hephaestus)
15. Kakos – area 2.3 – inside the boss arena, when you first falling down, check corners, if fell to lava area – it will be too late to take it. (The Treasury)
16. Kourai Toxotai – area 2.1 – a bit forward, check left side (The Trajan Palace)
17. Gladiator – area 2.1, before the room with a chalice (The Trajan Palace)
18. Kavouraki – area 3.1 (Thalassian Fissure)
19. Eidolon – area 1.2 look left from a chest with Phobos gun (Ruins of Necromanteion)
20. Phorcid – area 3.1, near a lake with a cerberus and a head with a pearl (Thalassian Fissure)
21. Karkinos – area 3.3, after the boss fight, inside the temple (Limen of Karkinos)
22. Kavouria Vrasta – area 3.1 (Thalassian Fissure)
23. Aiakos of the Belfry – area 4.2, go right, check inside the big stones (Charon’s crossing)
24. King Minos – area 4.2, go left, but not on the beach, check in the dark (Charon’s crossing)


1. Ponos – unlocked by default
2. Labrys – safe zone after area 1.1 (Orphic temple)
3. Zophos – area 1.2 (Ruins of Necromanteion)
4. Eos – area 1.3 (Pyristaktos Ravine)
5. Sorokos – in a safe zone after Katorao boss fight
6. Aklys – area 1.5-1.6 safe zone
7. Eurus – safe zone before 2.1
8. Byzantine Cannon – area 2.3, after defeating boss, lava area
9. Boreas – area 2.2 (The Forges of Hephaestus)
10. Spitha – area 3.1 (Thalassian Fissure)
11. Arbelos – defeat Gladiator in the arena (area 2.1, only available when you have objective for the arena) (The Trajan Palace)
12. Zeus Conduits – area 4.1 (Charoun’s harbour)
13. Apollonian Bow – complete the Orphic Rite
14. Staff of Thyrsis – complete the Orphic Rite
15. Harvest Scythe – complete the Orphic Rite


1. Purgatory – hub
2. Amyetri – hub
3. Danake – hub
4. Priestess – hub
5. Radamanthys – hub
6. Idryma – safe zone between area 1.1 and 1.2 (Orphic temple and Ruins of Necromanteion)
7. Hipparchia – tutorial area


1. Pantheon – hub
2. Orphic temple – area 1.1 (Orphic temple)
3. Ruins of Nekromanteion – area 1.2 right at the start, look left (Ruins of Necromanteion)
4. Pyristaktos Ravine – area 1.3, just go left (Pyristaktos Ravine)
5. Lair of the Kathorao – area 1.4, just go forward (Lair of the Kathorao)
6. Ophion’s Labyrinth – start of area 1.5 (Ophion’s Labyrinth)
7. The Ares Amphitheatre – area 1.6, after the boss, check stadium (The Ares Amphitheatre)
8. The Trajan Palace – area 2.1, check a dead end (The Trajan Palace)
9. The Forges of Hephaestus – area 2.2 – outside (The Forges of Hephaestus)
10. The Treasury – area 2.3 before the boss (The Treasury)
11. Thalassian Fissure – area 3.1 (Thalassian Fissure)
12. Maelstorm of Charybdis – area 3.2, right before the exit, after falling down (Maelstorm of Charybdis)
13. Limen of Karkinos – area 3.3, right at the start (Limen of Karkinos)
14. Charon’s Harbour – area 4.1 – go left, check the beach (Charoun’s harbour)
15. Charon’s Crossing – area 4.1 – go right, check the beach (Charoun’s harbour)
16. Throne of King Minos – area 4.2, go right, almost at a dead end (Charon’s crossing)
17. Elysium – Good ending area only! (before entering the building, look to your right)
18. Tartaros – area 4.2, go left, check the beach (Charon’s crossing)

Orphic Rites

1. Orphic Rites – before exiting area 1.1 room on a right side (Orphic temple)
2. Apollo Rite – purchase first Apollo Rite
3. Dionysus Rite – purchase first Dionysis Rite
4. Persephone Rite – same as above


1. Hymn to Hephaestus – before exiting area 1.1, check left wall (Orphic temple)
2. Law of Destiny – area 1.2, in a pile of corpses (Ruins of Necromanteion)
3. Wellspring of Aidoneus – area 2.1, jump on Cerberus, look up, check columns (The Trajan Palace)
4. Four rivers – area 1.4 – at the end, after the boss fight and teleportaion, right before going to a safe zone, look behind the mirrors (Lair of the Kathorao)
5. River of Fire – area 1.5, in a one of the dead end tunnels (Ophion’s Labyrinth)
6. The Orphic Light – area 3.1, near a lake with a cerberus and a head with a pearl, go behind cerberus (Thalassian Fissure)

1 more:

There is one more small tablet that I could not find in the codex in area 2.1(The Trajan Palace), outside the palace, in lava area, near the big skull head – that one called “Aphlektos card” when you pick it.
EDIT: It does permanently unlock a card for rotation in card selection. (Thank to @KROMENOI for confirmation).

Rites: Apollo Rites

1. Perform 25 longe-range dagger kills on Athanatoi – First zone (Orphic temple) , first enemies, just press F to throw daggers.

PERISH Codex Entries
PERISH Codex Entries

2.Kill 15 Furies with a Zophos revolver – third zone (Pyristaktos Ravine), kill flying creatures (Erinyes) with a revolver, you can find this weapon in a chest in a previous area (Ruins of Necromanteion)
Alternative location: Maelstorm of Charybdis.


3. Destroy 5 statues dedicated to Python – you can find them in Ophion’s Labyrinth. Any weapon works.


4. Find the Bow in the Classical Garden of Apollo – secret door at the Lair of the Kathorao (first boss) should be opened after completing previous rites. You’ll find bow at the end of the secret room.

PERISH Codex Entries
PERISH Codex Entries

Dionysus Rites

1. Kick 25 Athanatoi into spike traps – First two zones (Orphic temple and Ruins of Necromanteion).


2. Cause 15 Toxotai to slip on spilled libations – snipers from The Trajan Palace and The Forges of Hephaestus (Equip the first crown to get there). Use Libation Jar on them, equip “Consumable Pouch” ring to double the charges.
Brick pottery to restore your charges. Card for slippery puddles should also work if you were lucky to find it.


3. Kick 10 Kourai off ledges – go to The Forges of Hephaestus (equip first crown, second zone) and kick machines and snipers off the ledge. THIS IS SPAARTAA!!!


4. Drink from the Kantharos of Epiphany – drink from the chalice in The Trajan Palace (Use the first crown to get there).

PERISH Codex Entries
PERISH Codex Entries

Persephone Rites

1. Slay 50 Orphidians using the Ponos – use your first “broken” sword to slay lizard-lookin creatures in Ophion’s Labyrinth.


2. Free the souls of 15 Kourai using Harvest Daggers – machines and snipers from The Trajan Palace and The Forges of Hephaestus (Use the first crown to get there). Equip Dagger Potency and Dagger Pouch rings for help.


3. Light the 8 Torches of Demeter in the Treasury – The Trajan Palace (equip the first crown), 6 inside the palace, 2 – outside (first at the start of the lava, second – right at the end, look left). Use any fire damage like Byzantine Cannon, Saltpetre Jar.


4.Burn the Tree of Aidoneus in the Chthonic Temple – use the second crown to go to the Thalassian Fissure. Go forward, use jumping platform, turn right, go inside the temple, up the stairs, turn right, in a room go to the door on the left side, turn right. Door should be opened. Use any fire damage on a tree (Byzantine Cannon, Saltpetre Jar).

Written by YobaKun

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