Phasmophobia The Music Box Guide

Welcome to our Phasmophobia The Music Box Guide. This guide is about the music box.

Phasmophobia The Music Box Guide

This guide is about the music box.

The Music Box

A music box has a 1 in 6 chance per contract of being chosen as the cursed possession that will spawn, with one specific spawn location per map.

A music box can be activated by holding it in the hand and using the primary use key to activate the device. The music box can only be used once.

The music box will make the ghost sing along while remaining invisible, broadcasting its location. If the music box is 5 meters or less from the ghost, it will manifest and start walking towards the box. If the ghost touches the player holding the box, walks for more than 5 seconds, or the box is dropped while the tune is playing, the music box will stop and the ghost will initiate a cursed hunt. If the player reaches 0% sanity or the ghost decides to hunt naturally (unrelated to the music box), a normal hunt will occur instead. The music box can be handheld or placed on the floor, the latter being the only safe way to discard the box without triggering a cursed hunt while it’s playing. In all cases, the box will close once it stops playing.

Listening to the music will drop the player’s sanity. A player holding the music box and listening to the complete song loses approximately 75% of their sanity. A player’s sanity will drop only if the player can hear the song, and the sanity drop decreases the further a player is from the music box. This applies to all players regardless of whether they were the one to activate the music box.

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