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Planet Zoo – Barrier & Staff & Guest Path

Barrier & Staff & Guest Path

Curved Path Around The Barrier

Select the gear icon, select “Snap Alongside Barriers“, adjust the length for sharper turns, and you’re all set!

If you want to build paths without getting obstructed as much as possible, select the gear icon, and turn off “Kerb On Ground Path”

Straight Path and Barrier

You can either build the straight path first with grid snap, angle snap, or straight line tools, and then place the straight barriers, or do the opposite order with “Snap Alongside Barriers”.

Staff Path and Guest Path

Staff path for facilities separation:

There are 3 types of paths you can choose from (Left side when you open the Paths menu), select and build with the staff path to prevent your guests from walking on it, making it a lot easier to build staff facilities away from the guest paths without affecting their happiness.

Guest Path for Walking in The Habitat:

With guest gate installed on the barrier, you can build a guest path for visitors to walk inside of the habitat, allowing them to get a closer view to the animals and likelihood to increase their happiness (other than placing food near the glass and fence), beware though, as guests will only feel safe to walk around with harmless animals, check the zoopedia to ensure they’re safe.
Also, if the habitat is small enough that the guests can see the whole view from outside, they won’t go in either.

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