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Prison Simulator Warden’s Password

Welcome to our Prison Simulator Warden’s Password guide. Gain access to the warden’s computer and find the remainder of the game’s passwords and codes.

Prison Simulator Warden’s Password

Warden’s Password How to get it?

Don’t go crazy searching for the password, there isn’t one. But do not fret, we describe how to access the warden’s computer:

You can only access the computer system if you hack it, and for that you need the hacking package. And to get the hacking package you will have to wait to reach level 13 to be able to complete the white service quest objective, where among the prisoners will give it to you.

Other Passwords Pin Code – Prison Simulator Warden’s Password

Yes, where you will need a password remains in the Morgue. It’s extremely easy to think, however in case you’re stuck:

Location: in the morge, there is a pin code panel behind the morge security poster (to the left of the supply cabinet).

Hint: Do you see that only one of the digits looks worn? In fact, you barely see the number. Scroll if you wish to see the option, we have actually left it at a specific distance in case you only wanted the hint.

Pin Code

Solution: 1111

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