Project Slayers Muzan Locations

Welcome to our Project Slayers Muzan Locations guide. Check out our guide to discover all Muzan spawn locations in Project Slayers.

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Project Slayers Muzan Locations

Project Slayers is a Roblox RPG inspired by the popular anime Demon Slayer. If you’ve watched the anime, you might know all about the demon king Muzan. For the Roblox game, you need to find it. By drinking his blood you can become a demon.As you progress, you must drink their blood to become a demon. But where is it to be found?

Muzan Locations

Muzan spawns only during the night in random yet specific locations. You can find him better if you have all of your maps unlocked.

Mentioned below are all the spawn locations of Muzan:

Kabiwaru Village

  • As you reach the village, climb the stairs and head straight left.
  • You will find Muzan to the left in between two houses.

Butterfly Mansion

There are three locations in the Butterfly Mansion, where you can find Mulan in Project Slayers.

For the first location, you can find the Demon King past Shinobu in Butterfly Mansion.

Project Slayers Muzan Locations
Project Slayers Muzan Locations
  • If you reset, you can find Muzan by heading outside the gate.
  • As you reach the map, head left and straight passing through the wilderness.
  • You will find several stairs over the hills.
  • Head straight and then take a right to find Muzan.
  • Lastly, head right and pass straight through the wilderness.
  • Climb the short stairs to find Muzan beside a yellow tree.

Ouwbayashi Home – Project Slayers Muzan Locations

  • Upon reaching this map, head straight in the right direction.
  • You will find Muzan to the left of the house behind the house.
  • But be cautious, as there are several enemies ready to attack. You can either fight them or avoid them to reach Muzan.

Kiribating Village

There are two spawn locations in Kirbating Village where you can find him.

  • For the first location, climb upwards to get on the ruined and old bridge.
  • You will find Muzan at the end of this bridge.
  • For the next location, exit through gate of the village.
  • Head left until you find a fence. You will find Muzan at the edge of the fence near a yellow tree.

Zapiwara Mountain – Project Slayers Muzan Locations

  • As soon as you spawn at the location, you will find Zenitsu. Avoid him or he will engage in combat with you.
  • You need to head left and go straight to find a cliff.
  • Climb down the cliff and hills to find Muzan underneath a yellow tree.

If you are having trouble finding him, the best method would be server-hop. Alternatively, you can also purchase a Muzan Gamepass to locate him easily.

Video Guide

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If you want to find Muzan it is probably because you want to do the quest to become a demon, so we will explain what to do once you find him:

  • To finish the quest you must collect 5 blue flower lilies (check video guide below for locations)
  • And carry Doctor Higoshima to muzan. Higoshima is located inside a house near Kiribating village.
  • Once you’re done you will recive a vial of muzan blood and you use it in order to become a demon. There is a chance for the transformation to fail, requiring you to redo the quest all over again.

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