Project Slayers Races Guide

Welcome to our Project Slayers Races Guide. In the Slayers game of the Roblox project you can find 4 races: humans, hybrids, hunters and demons.We have a complete list of every race available in Roblox Project Slayers!

May 22, 2023: We updated Project Slayers Race guide

Project Slayers Races Guide

Anime and manga fans of Demon Slayers will surely want to participate in a specific race when playing Project Slayers. While there aren’t that many to choose from, it will still be a big decision to make influencing the way you play. We’re going to take a look at all the races that are available in-game in Project Slayers in this post.


In the Roblox project slayers game you can find 4 races, we put them in an easy and simple list

  • Human Race
  • Hybrid Race
  • Slayer Race
  • Demon Race

Human Progression

If you want to be a human in the Project Slayers game, the first thing you should do is reach level 12, it will not cost you much since the first levels are easy to reach, after that, follow these steps:

  • As a tip, farm and complete the first 2 quests, then Zuko to level 12.
  • After you reach level 12: find a trainer of your choice.
  • Complete the mission assigned by the trainer, do the quest and finish the final selection.
  • In order to complete the final selection correctly, you must have at least 1 or 2 friends within Project Slayers.
  • If you don’t have friends it will cost you much more than usual, another tip is to make a party (add a friend momentarily).

Demon Progression – Project Slayers Races

If you are a Project Slayers player and you are obsessed with dedicating your virtual life to serve Muzan and become a demon, then follow this little guide for newbies, which will help you in several simple steps:

  • You will need to reach level 15 to be able to talk to Muzan.
  • You will have to do the first 2 missions and after that farm the boss Zuko (as if he did the human progression, but with a higher level).
  • Find Muzan in one of his randomly generated spawns.
  • Get the Muzan Finder GamePass, on the contrary, if you have a friend who already has it, you can tell him to help you, and find it for you.
  • When you find Muzan, talk to him and complete the given mission.
  • You will need to roll your BDA at Zapiwara cave.


To become a good slayer, you must complete a series of steps, where you will have to beat some NPCs and complete some tasks

  • Lvl 15+
  • Beat 10 Sakurai Demons around the map > For defeating, you will receive: 1.000 Yen & 1.600 XP
  • Beat Sasumaru > For defeating, you will receive: 700 Yen & 1050 XP
  • Beat Yahaba > For defeating, you will receive: 700 Yen & 1200 XP
  • Beat Slasher > For defeating, you will receive: 650 Yen & 900 XP
  • Beat Nezuko > For defeating, you will receive: 725 Yen & 1050 XP

Demon – Project Slayers Races

As to be a Slayer, to be a Demon you must also reach level 15, so you will have to fight with various minions in the game.

  • Lvl 15+
  • Beat 13 Mizunotos at the butterfly mansion > For defeating, you will receive: 1000 Yen & 1600 XP
  • Beat Sabito > For defeating, you will receive: 350 Yen & 950 XP
  • Beat Zanegutsu Kuuchie > For defeating, you will receive: 200 Yen & 600 XP
  • Beat Giyu > For defeating, you will receive: 800 Yen & 1300 XP
  • Beat Shiron > For defeating, you will receive: 275 Yen & 700 XP
  • Beat Sanemi > For defeating, you will receive: 275 Yen & 700 XP

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