Project Zomboid – Hidden Military Base How to Get?

Hidden Military Base How to Get?

This is a Guide ‘How To Find Military Base in PZ

Military Base that isn’t showing on PZMP

If you check near the Rosewood in ‘Project Zomboid Map Project’
There’s a road lead to nowhere in middle of highway

But If you go there, you’ll find that map is lying
And dirt road that lead you somewhere

This may get you lost in the woods or get killed
Recommend bring many food, water, weapon and caffeine

Wondering in Forest

So here’s the hard part.

Blue Arrow means where you came
Red Arrow means where you should go

You’ll find no road from here.
But don’t panic! It may look confusing but it’s actually quiet linear

If you found some dirt road on your way, You are doing good!

If you managed to find the asphalt road.
Congratulations! You have found it!

Here it is! You’ll find many Zombified soldiers and Guns
also Military Backpack which has 30 weight limit!

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