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Propnight Secret Codes

Welcome to our Propnight Secret Codes guide. Redeem these secret codes and get some exclusive skins, like the Baseball Star outfit for Taiga.

Propnight Secret Codes

Here are some secret codes to unlock skins.Post in the comments if you know any.


“Type them in the menu Do NOT use Numpad”

0312 – Baseball Star outfit for Taiga
Secret Codes
Secret Codes

3011 – Gamer Girl for Kate

Secret Codes
Secret Codes

Expired Redeem Codes – Propnight Secret Codes

There are currently no expired codes

How to Redeem a Skin Code?

These are the steps to redeem secret skins codes:

  1. Launch Propnight
  2. Open the main menu
  3. Type the secret code (but don’t use the Numpad)
  4. Enjoy your freebies

How to Play?

Propnight is a 4vs1 multiplayer physics-based prop hunt combined with traditional scary survival. In a small provincial town, teenagers continue to vanish mysteriously. However who or what is behind this?

Play as a survivor:

  • Develop into any prop to hide from a killer
  • Repair Propmachines to escape

Play as a Killer

  • Take the role of a savage killer.
  • Hunt other gamers to win
  • Join a thrilling party in Propnight, a multiplayer physics-based prop hunt mixed with timeless scary survival.

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