Quasimorph Locations and Enemy Tips

Join the battle, command your ship and collect the bodies of your clones to solve the dark mystery. There are different locations in this adventure and enemies that you can encounter there. What are those locations and how will you defend yourself against the enemies you may encounter? Here is this Quasimorph Locations and Enemy Tips guide to different locations and the enemies you may face there.

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Quasimorph Locations and Enemy Tips

The progress in this game is also strange in that it is gradual with time, unlocking and looting, so there are some tips and tricks in this Quasimorph Locations and Enemy Tips guide beyond how to get started while playing the game. Check out the details!

Tunnel Rats Class and Percy Fawcett

Part of the danger of the enemies in the game is what damage types they throw at you and how you can plan for them. This is where the Tunnel Rats class comes into play. Aside from having a perk that gets you more loot, they have three perks that heavily increase your damage and survivability. Reinforced Ammo starts out increasing shotgun ammo damage by 20%, and just by using the ammo, it eventually increases to +50%, which is powerful because it affects it before enemy resistances are considered. Say you deal 10 damage with a pellet. If an enemy has 5 resist to it, then you really only deal five damage. However, with the perk, it would deal 15 damage, but only 5 would still be resisted. In effect, you’re dealing double damage. It’s extremely powerful versus those enemies with high resists. On defence, you have Immune Response, which starts out giving a 20% bonus to your own resists, leveling up to 50%. Getting it stronger is peculiar, though, as you have to get an infection. The best way to level this is by eating a lot of meat right before evacing, remembering to not eat so much that the -5 health actually kills you. A 50% bonus to damage soaked is powerful, especially when your armor is stacked against a specific troublesome damage type. Beyond that, Pain Immunity will instantly stabilize a wound for you and is on a 40 turn cooldown. Now you don’t have to worry about figuring out if you need to kill the enemy or heal yourself in the middle of a gunfight. Kill the enemy, then see if you need medical attention later.

Percy plays right into this class perfectly. His passive is a flat 5 resist to all damage types. Laughably, the perk IS boosted by Immune Response, meaning with it leveled, he actually starts with 8 resist, even with zero armor. This allows a lot of flexibility with your gear choice while still mounting decent resists to random basic guns, and it causes most small arms fire to be completely ineffective against him with even the slightest bit of armor.

Mars, Phobos, and Deimos

The mars cluster is a good starting point as all the enemies are normal and will just have a straight up fight, while the space demons don’t really exist here. I’ll just touch on some pointers with different factions that I’ve noticed.

Civil Resistance has a lot of missions here, they seem to be who you’ll fight the most, and they’re probably the most dangerous. They can field Builders, Cutters, and Flamethrowers, which can melt you (literally) if you’re caught unaware and ambushed. Flamethrowers are especially bad about this, as fire isn’t a damage type that’s easily resisted. However, they also field Impactor armor, which is one of the few armors to resist fire. In fact, they resist everything a decent amount starting out, so try to get a full set. If you have a full set with Percy as a leveled Tunnel Rat, fire becomes comically ineffective. I have been caught dead to rights by fire, only for me to walk away as the enemy burns to death in his own flames. Builders do piercing damage and shoot 8 rounds at a time, but they’re decently inaccurate and don’t do enough damage to pierce the soaks Percy has. That leaves just cutters and melee as the only thing you’re really afraid of, and honestly, there’s nothing you can really do about cutters. They have range, they do enough damage to still wound you through your armor, and they’re really bad about turning injuries into straight up amputations, permanently hindering your run. On a side note, be careful when using your own cutter. The saw blades ricochet wildly, and they can and WILL potentially hit you and amputate one of your own limbs. I’ve been unfortunate enough to score a headshot on myself before.

Other enemy types from other factions to look out for are the Hulks, ARs, and Paramedics. Hulks explode when they die, so don’t let them get close. ARs have decent resists to blunt and piercing damage, but they are weak to cutting damage, so buckshot cuts right through them. Paramedics field Needle guns, which do the rare Poison type of damage, but Percy should be able to handle it.


Venus is where you start out, and its where the Tezctlan faction resides. One of the reasons you want to go to Mars first is because this faction does the rare and ill-resisted cold damage type. One of the few things that resists cold is, you guessed it, Impactor armor. If you’re not geared for it, the cold weapons can easily drop you with a single volley. The enemy armor also sports high cold resist, so it’s a good idea to swap out the chest and helmet with stuff that you find. Curiously, the legs and boots are fairly worthless. They don’t even protect from the cold better than the impactor gear that you already have. It’s also a good idea to try and save some surgical glue, as it’s one of the few items you can get in a sufficient quantity starting out that can deal with frostbite.

Fighting on Venus also introduces the Quasimorphosis timer, which increases enemy strength, aggression, and the chance for basic humans to turn into space demons on death. It goes up with time, but it also is affected by certain items. Eating human meat, furuncles, or using Gannix fabric (which you get from breaking down Tezctlan armor) will raise the counter, while smoking, drinking booze, or using a Quasimorph Idol will lower it. When facing human factions, its basically a timer pushing you to quickly finish a mission, but counter-intuitively, it’s a lot easier to control when facing the Tezctlan themselves. That’s because the humanoid demon enemies like to carry idols on them, and even beyond that, butchering their bodies often yields them and furuncles, as well. I usually will kill a group, butcher them, then eat every furuncle I get, followed by using an idol to massively reduce the counter, most often back down to zero. It can hugely increase your max health for the mission, as well as keep you full, with effectively zero downsides. Just remember to either bring or find and equip something that can amputate the enemies to do this.

New enemy types to watch for are Spiders, who have a whopping 4 (!) actions per turn, and Centaurs, who have two actions but a high health pool. They’re both melee, though, so use your usual tactics and you should be fine.

If you can survive, there’s a faction that offers class, soldier, and item chips for Gannix fabric. Heavily prioritize breaking down every piece of Tezctlan armor you come across and drop entire stacks of the stuff off for a huge payday of gear and ships. Each cloth is worth 100 points, and you can get 10 to a stack.

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