Raft Values for Trash Cubes

Welcome to our Raft Values for Trash Cubes guide. This guide will show you the values of the trash cubes.

Raft Values for Trash Cubes

We are currently working on this guide and will likely add more information here.

Trash Cube price

Value 300 = 1 Trash Cube from Receyler

Raft Trash Cubes
Raft Trash Cubes

VERSION 1.0: Raft The Final Chapter

It is finally here. It is our most ambitious update ever. It is our BIGGEST update ever. There are new destinations, new enemies, more items, voice acting, new characters, trading and so much more. It is the culmination of more than five years of development and the grand finale to the Raft story line. It is The Final Chapter, and it is ready to be played.

Before we get into the details of this massive patch, we would like to thank you all for joining us on this journey. It has been amazing to see so many people play and appreciate Raft and without you we would have never made it here. With this update, we are happy to announce that we are leaving Early Access, as we consider Raft to no longer be in need of that title. We have looked forward to this day for many years and at this point we just cannot wait to see all the Let’s Plays, streams and to simply hear what you think of it! So let us not waste any more time and dive straight into it!

New destinations!

For this update we have three new destinations to find, explore and make your way through.

First up is Varuna Point, the sunken towers of the rich. It was once set to be the salvation for the elite, but the waves came quicker than expected and it has since been abandoned and forgotten by any and all… almost.

Next we have Temperance, a snow covered piece of land still above water. Home to the researchers at Selene, it was the last hope for humanity to reverse the rising of the oceans. As the reactor malfunctioned, most fled and left the island to fight for their survival elsewhere, but for the brave, there still might be a chance to restore the reactor.

As previously mentioned, there is a third destination. The destination where the strings are tied together and you will face the final challenge. However, we think it is best you discover this one on your own.

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