Rakion Chaos Force – Stage 45 Exp Grinding

Guide to clearing stage 45 with the most lazy way possible.

This guide aims to let players grind stage 45 with the least effort possible as stage 45 is currently the best stage right now to grind for exp. Stage 45 can be done under 2 mins for 900+ exp. The best time to grind stage 45 is when there’s an bonus exp event where you can get 1.9 exp per stage.


  • Stage unlimited
  • Sparta Set (40% exp bonus) OR Pirate Set ( Cash set )
  • A friend since it is a 2 man stage:)
  • CP Pots & your sanity

Your Friend:

Ideally, if you play a melee character you should partner up with a range character. It will make your life easier.


If you spent cash i would recommend 3 pirate captains as it makes the last phase of the stage trivial.

If you don’t not spent cash 3 soul cannon are fine. You can get them from event point shop.

Clearing The Stage

Stage 45 First Room

When you start the stage you will spawn in a small room individually where you have to clear a wave of monsters. You have about 10 seconds before any cells spawn.

Walk towards the middle of the room & spawn all your cell

  • The first wave includes: 3 black crossbows and 3 panzers
  • The second waves includes 3 blazers & a golem

After clearing all cells, 2 portal would spawn at the end of the room. The left portal is the room to your friends room which you can ignore & proceed to the RIGHT portal which will lead to the next room 2.

Second Room

At this point your chaos gauge is full but you should not chaos. Save it for later.

Cells will only start spawning after you & your friend are in the room together. There is a small time frame before the enemy cells spawn ( 2 Golems , 4 longs bows ) . Just summon your cells first then 1 person kill the golem while the other kill the long bows . After clearing the all the cells, a big door opens and you can proceed to the third room.

Take note to avoid getting hit by the golem. They pack a punch.

Third Big Room Text

This is the last room to clear. Have you & your friend summon all your cells in the middle of the map.

It will spawn waves of monsters in this order: Nak -> Panzers -> Blazers -> Taurus -> Boss Blazer.

The nak & panzer waves can be taken care of by your cells.

Chaos when blazers starts to spawn! You do not want to be knocked down it is pretty annoying.

After clearing the Blazer wave, the taurus would spawn. You do have to kill all the taurus for the boss blazer to spawn but killing the boss blazer will end the stage. Just kill a few of them but most importantly move to the middle of the room as the boss blazer will spawn soon after taurus.

After killing the boss blazer the stage will end. Take note this blazer requires a few hits if you do not add points to cell destruction. Good luck leveling 🙂

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