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Rakion Chaos Force – Stage 53 S Rank Guide

Stage 53 S Rank Guide with 1 Mage

Once the game start, run straight to the statue right in front of you. Wait for the ”Devil Golem” to summon. Use your bomb or fireball to kill the devil golem without activating the other cells. Killing this devil golem will automatically kills all enemy in the first area.

Once you done that, cross the bridge to the second area, turn right, walk under the 3rd bridge. Stand on the right side of the 3rd bridge behind the pillar. Wait for the golem to summon first. Kill the golem and wait for the “devil” icewind to summon. Using fireball and aim only at the devil icewind. Similarly, killing this ice wind will destroy all creature at the second area.

Next, cross the 3rd bridge. However, once you land on the 3rd area, immediately jump backwards on the bridge. The bridge will go up and you will find youself back at the second area. Wait for the “devil dragon” to be summoned on the 3rd from the left. Killing this dragon will destroy all creature on the 3rd area.

You can usually do this around 3min and get your S rank alone. You can also complete this stage without using your cells too.

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