Red Dead Redemption 2 – Catch Up And Help Eagle Flies

How to Earn Gold Medal

  1. Save Paytah
  2. Get 30 headshots
  3. Complete with at least 80% accuracy
  4. Complete the mission without taking any health items

Catch Up And Help Eagle Flies Walkthrough

  • Follow Dutch and the gang towards Eagle Flies’ group.
  • Kill the soldiers just outside of the Oil Factory.
  • Unmount your horse, and fight your way to Eagle Flies, and his group.
  • Get across the bridge.
  • Kill the soldier that busts out of the building to your right to save Eagle Flies.
  • Follow Eagle Flies and assist him in killing soldiers in the area.
  • Once the train arrives, a machine gunner will be in one of the cars. Take out the machine gunner.
  • Kill the rest of the soldiers from the train.

1. Use Dead Eye To Take Out The Machine Gunner

Since the machine gunner is far away, it will be hard to shoot at them from your position. Use Dead Eye to get a clear shot at the machine gunner and get a more accurate and precise shot.

Catch Up And Help Eagle Flies quest is completed.

Next is up: Protect Paytah & Push Forward

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