Red Dead Redemption 2 – Infiltrate Fort Wallace

How to Earn Gold Medal

  1. While infiltrating Fort Wallace, headshot every soldier blocking your way to Eagle Flies
  2. Kill 15 enemies while escaping in the canoe
  3. Complete with at least 80% accuracy

Infiltrate Fort Wallace Walkthrough

  • Talk to Rains Fall inside his tent.
  • Mount your horse, and follow Charles.
  • Cross the river and continue following Charles uphill.
  • Unmount your horse when Charles gets off from his, to trigger a cutscene.
  • When night falls follow Charles towards the side of Fort Wallace.
  • Kill the guards at the entrance.
  • Circle around the perimeter of the Fort.
  • Stay still when the guard checks your area.
  • Kill the guards by the tower.
  • Scale the wall next to the guard tower to get inside the fort.

1. Use Silent Weapons

It is best to use silent weapons such as Bows or Throwing Knives in this section since you will be sneaking inside the Fort. Noisy weapons such as guns may alert the guards and blow your cover.

Infiltrate Fort quest is completed.

Next is up: Make Your Way Towards Eagle Flies

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