Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ready to Rob a Train Walkthrough

How to Earn Gold Medal

  1. Get a headshot in Dead Eye after jumping from Dutch’s Horse
  2. Complete within 11 minutes
  3. Fight through the train with at least 80% accuracy
  4. Complete the mission without taking any health items

Ready to Rob a Train Walkthrough

  • Ride with Dutch and the gang, and go over the plan to rob the train once more.
  • Separate with the gang and go with John towards the wagon with the dynamite.
  • Unmount your horse and get the dynamite from the back of the wagon.
  • Mount your horse and follow John back to Dutch’s group near St, Denis.
  • Rejoin the group, and move through St. Denis.
  • Stop by the train tracks in St. Denis.

1. No Combat In This Section

This section of the mission is pretty straightforward. There is no combat, and will comprise mostly of riding your horse through different locations. All you need to do is follow the prompts within the game to progress the story.

Red Dead Redemption Ready to Rob a Train quest is completed.

Next is up: Chase And Rob The Train

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