Red Dead Redemption 2 – Talk to Sadie Adler Near Camp

Gold Medal Checklist

  1. Headshot the sniper in the barn
  2. Secure the barn without taking any damage
  3. Complete within 5 minutes 30 seconds

Talk to Sadie Adler Near Camp Walkthrough

  • Meet and talk to Sadie just outside of your camp.

CHOICE A: Agree To Help Sadie.
CHOICE B: Choose not to help Sadie.

  • CHOICE A: CHOICE: Choose to ride with Sadie towards Hanging Dog Ranch, or to meet up with her later.

1. Choose To Either Help Sadie Adler Or Not

You will be given the choice to help Sadie Adler to finish off the last of the O’Driscolls. Choosing to help her will pompt a cutscene between her and Arthur discussing their plans.

2. CHOICE A: Choose To Ride With Sadie Or Meet With Her Later

You will then be given the option to ride with Sadie towards Hanging Dog Ranch, or meet up with her later. Choosing to ride with her will automatically trigger the next part of the mission.

3. CHOICE A: Help Sadie At Hanging Dog Ranch

  • Wake up and follow Sadie towards the ranch.
  • Wait for Sadie to throw the molotov, then engage in a shootout with the O’Driscolls in the ranch.
  • Kill the sharpshooter on the top window of the barn, then push forward toward the barn.
  • Enter the barn and clear it of enemies.
  • Return to Sadie as she enters the farm house.
  • Find Sadie in the second floor of the farm house.

4. Get Out Of Cover & Push Forward When It Is Clear

When there are no enemies in the area, get out of your cover, and run towards a new location before new enemies come out. This will ensure that you are inching closer towards the objective in the mission.

5. Watch Out For The Second Floor

When you enter the barn, clear out the enemies on the first floor. However, keep in mind that there are other enemies taking aim at you on the second floor! Get to cover to keep safe.

Talk to Sadie Adler Near Camp Choice A is completed.

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