Red Dead Redemption 2 – What Happens When You Die?

Despite it being in the title, death is not the end. Take a few too many bullets, get eaten by a giant snake, or accidentally ride off a cliff, and while your horse may not forgive you, Arthur Morgan will be up and about in no time. In RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 DEATH happens, but how does it affect you, the player? What happens if you die, either during a mission or out there in the open world? We’ve done it plenty of times, so we’ve got the answers.

What Happens When You Die During a Mission?

Dying in the middle of a mission can be a real pain, but what happens? Do you get kicked out of a mission, or have to restart it? Fortunately it’s not that bad. Death is actually a mite more forgiving than the open world, since missions all come with plenty of checkpoints. Checkpoints save your ammo, position, and even whether or not you were wearing your hat.

When you die, you get a “DEAD” game over screen and several options. These are restart mission, quit mission, and return to the last checkpoint. Make sure to get the right one, otherwise you’ll be swearing a lot if you’d been doing that mission for ages and accidentally quit when you died.

Death In The Open World

In the open world area, there are no checkpoints. You can save pretty much anywhere you want manually, but you won’t get an option to reload a save when you die, although you can do that afterwards if you wish. Instead, when you die in the open world you’ll lose a little bit of money and you’ll respawn some distance away. Not too bad, but you’ll also lose whatever you were doing or carrying. If you died during a random encounter, it’ll be over. If you had a deer or other animal strapped to your horse, it’ll be gone.

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