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Sea of Thieves Islands Coordinates

You need an Sea of Thieves islands with the name but you don’t find it, or you loose a lot of time ? Come here to find your island more faster !

Updated: 9.17.2021

  • Choose your Island’s name.
  • Take the code below.
  • Go to your map to find your island with this code!
  • It’s simply and fast.

Sea of Thieves Islands and Coordinates

Sea of Thieves Islands and Coordinates

Sea of Thieves Island Coordinates

Islands are the main locations in Sea of Thieves.

Islands serve a key role in the game, often having to be visited for many different reasons; whether its to find buried treasure via Maps and Riddles, catching Chickens, snakes and pigs roaming the place, or picking a fight with a known crew of skeleton pirates, there is no doubt that players will spend most of their time exploring the sea’s riches (and avoiding rivals too).

You can use the ship’s onboard Map to circle your desired location and sail there. However it takes some deciphering to match the island found on Treasure Maps and riddles against those on the atlas.

Each island hosts a unique set of characteristic landmarks and dangers which demand any embarking explorer to keep their wits about when wandering. Some of the larger islands may even host coastal defenses in the form of on-shore cannons, where Skeletons fire off cannonballs at any incoming intruders. In the Devil’s Roar, volcanoes and geysers that launch players into the air are a constant threat.

Sea of Thieves Island Code List

Ancient Spires OutpostQ-17OutpostThe Ancient Isles
Dagger Tooth OutpostM-8OutpostThe Wilds
Galleon’s Grave OutpostR-8OutpostThe Wilds
Golden Sands OutpostD-10OutpostThe Shores of Plenty
Morrow’s Peak OutpostV-17OutpostThe Devil’s Roar
Plunder OutpostJ-18OutpostThe Ancient Isles
Sanctuary OutpostF-7OutpostThe Shores of Plenty
Brian’s BazaarY-12SeapostThe Devil’s Roar
Roaring TradersU-20SeapostThe Devil’s Roar
Stephen’s SpoilsL-15SeapostThe Ancient Isles
The Finest Trading PostF-17SeapostThe Ancient Isles
The North Star SeapostH-10SeapostThe Shores of Plenty
The Spoils of Plenty StoreB-7SeapostThe Shores of Plenty
The Wild Treasures StoreO-4SeapostThe Wilds
Three Paces East SeapostS-9SeapostThe Wilds
Barnacle CayO-15Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Black Sand AtollO-3Small IslandThe Wilds
Black Water EnclaveR-5Small IslandThe Wilds
Blind Man’s LagoonN-6Small IslandThe Wilds
Booty IsleK-20Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Boulder CayG-5Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Brimstone RockX-18Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Castaway IsleK-14Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Chicken IsleI-16Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Cinder IsletU-14Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Cursewater ShoresY-13Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Cutlass CayM-18Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Flame’s EndV-19Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Fools LagoonI-14Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Glowstone CayZ-18Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Isle of Last WordsO-9Small IslandThe Wilds
Lagoon of WhispersD-12Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Liar’s BackboneS-11Small IslandThe Wilds
Lonely IsleG-8Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Lookout PointI-20Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Magma’s TideY-20Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Mutineer RockN-19Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Old Salts AtollF-18Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Paradise SpringL-17Small IslandThe Ancient Isles
Picaroon PalmsI-4Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Plunderer’s PlightQ-6Small IslandThe Wilds
Rapier CayD-8Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Roaring SandsU-21Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Rum Runner IsleH-9Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Salty SandsG-3Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Sandy ShallowsD-5Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Schored PassX-11Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Scurvy IsleyK-4Small IslandThe Wilds
Sea Dog’s RestC-11Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Shark Tooth KeyP-13Small IslandThe Wilds
Shiver RetreatQ-11Small IslandThe Wilds
The Forsaken BrinkU-16Small IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Tribute PeakY-2Massive IslandThe Shores Of Gold
Tri-Rock IsleR-10Small IslandThe Wilds
Twin GrovesH-11Small IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Ashen ReachesV-23Large IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Cannon CoveG-10Large IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Crescent IsleB-9Large IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Crook’s HollowM-16Large IslandThe Ancient Isles
Devil’s RidgeP-19Large IslandThe Ancient Isles
Discovery RidgeE-17Large IslandThe Ancient Isles
Fetcher’s RestV-12Large IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Flintlock PeninsulaW-14Large IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Kraken’s FallR-12Large IslandThe Wilds
Lone CoveH-6Large IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Marauder’s ArchQ-3Large IslandThe Wilds
Mermaid’s HideawayB-13Large IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Old Faithful IsleM-4Large IslandThe Wilds
Plunder ValleyG-16Large IslandThe Ancient Isles
Ruby’s FallY-16Large IslandThe Devil’s Roar
Sailor’s BountyC-4Large IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Shark Bait CoveH-19Large IslandThe Ancient Isles
Shipwreck BayM-10Large IslandThe Wilds
Smugglers’ BayF-3Large IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Snake IslandK-16Large IslandThe Ancient Isles
The Crooked MastsO-11Large IslandThe Wilds
The Devil’s ThirstW-21Large IslandThe Devil’s Roar
The Sunken GroveP-7Large IslandThe Wilds
Thieves’ HavenL-20Large IslandThe Ancient Isles
Wanderers RefugeF-12Large IslandThe Shores of Plenty
Hidden Spring KeepI-8FortressThe Shores of Plenty
Keel Haul FortC-6FortressThe Shores of Plenty
Kraken WatchtowerL-6FortressThe Wilds
Lost Gold FortH-17FortressThe Ancient Isles
Molten Sands FortressZ-11FortressThe Devil’s Roar
Old Boot FortL-14FortressThe Ancient Isles
Sailor’s Knot StrongholdE-14FortressThe Shores of Plenty
Shark Fin CampP-5FortressThe Wilds
Skull KeepP-9FortressThe Wilds
The Crow’s Nest FortressO-17FortressThe Ancient Isles
Sea of Thieves Islands

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